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Video: Leash Walk With Molly

11-month-old female black Lab “Molly” – 60 lbs – Not yet spayed

Background:Good golly! The family was already struggling with a very high energy young Molly, when a family member’s intact male Lab “Max” recently (about two weeks ago) jumped the gate and likely impregnated Molly who was in-heat. Whoops! The family could not handle a pregnant dog with a forthcoming litter of Lab puppies.

What Their Owner Says: We got Molly from a breeder as a puppy. She is all black except for some white on her toes and a little white on her chest. Molly has lived with adults and a wide age range of children. She is happy; she is hyper. Molly is house-trained and crate-trained. She has a habit of chewing on pretty much anything she finds. She loves to play fetch with we do every day. Likes chasing and being chased by other dogs. Wants to play with our cat.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Molly is currently in a foster home preparing to deliver her puppies.. as they are due in late June/early July. Our evaluation of Molly found: “Molly is very friendly and greeted us both hello when we arrived with a wagging tail and a jump. She does know “down” and when a stern voice was used she cowered submissively. She is an active and energetic young lab who had a hard time sitting still because she was happy to see us and to have people to play with. When I sat down and ignored her she just walked around me. When I got up she came right over to get some love and did another jump in my face. When I walked away from her in the yard she followed me. Molly let me touch her all over, ears, hips, tummy and paws. She lives in a home with small children and does fine with them. She does know basic commands like “sit” and “down” and “easy”. Walking on a leash she does pull but she corrected easily. Her owner uses a gentle leader which works well for her. She will need the traditional training and consistent routine of any young lab. She is eager to learn and please and will make a great dog with consistent training, love and exercise.

Medical: Molly is in good health. Overdue on vaccinations. We expect the puppies to be pretty darn Labby.

Located in: San Francisco

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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