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Video: Obie the happy fetcher

Video: Approaching Obie

Video: Hanging Out With Obie

Video: Leash walk with Obie

Video: Obie the fetcher

Video: Obie and Daisy Duke getting some attention

Obie 2-year-old male black Lab 65-lbs Neutered

Background: This young guy was found as a stray in Sutter County on December 19th and was taken to Sutter Animal Services in Yuba City. The shelter named him “Granite”. He was at significant risk of being euthanized due to the overcrowded shelter, and we took into our program and placed him in a foster home on Friday, January 6th. We renamed him “Obie” – it just seemed more fitting. He spent a few weeks in a Petaluma boarding facility before we got him to his current foster.

What The Shelter Says:Granite was a very sweet, friendly dog while out of his kennel but had become increasingly frightened of visitors while in his kennel. He barked and avoided visitors, hiding in the back of his kennel with his hackles raised. He had been friendly with all other dogs, including large intact males and small dogs.

What Obie's Foster Says: Obie is a calm and sweet loving boy. He has terrific manners and good boundaries with our older dog. He is well healed when we go for walks, show zero aggression towards other dogs or people we meet on the way. He’s a terrific hiking partner off leash and recalls very well. Obie sleeps all night on a dog bed. He is food obsessed and we definitely need to keep our counters clean to avoid any surfing. Obie does get startled and will bark when he gets surprised if we enter a room, but chills out quickly when we call his name and he becomes a love bug that wants to be pet. Obie has shown interest getting into our garbage – well, he is a Lab. Spent most of yesterday at my next door neighbor’s following the husband around like a shadow they told me. So he seems to breaking his fear of men.

What The Boarding Facility Says: Obie was an absolute love bug and thrived while he was here. He got along well with dogs but was really more of a people guy! He loved treats, toys and attention. Obie was a quiet boy who didn’t bark or complain much about anything. He was just happy, quiet and sweet! We did not encounter any signs of inappropriate growling behavior while he was in our care.

What Obie's Rescue Rep Says: I met Obie at the boarding facility… and spend some time getting to know him. I witnessed none of the unacceptable behavior (growling, hackles raised) that a prior foster reported. He was treat motivated. Poke and prodded him all over. Kinda tried to make him growl or bark at me – to no avail. He did great with the other yellow dog that he was hanging out with – see the videos. Obie needs a slow introduction to new people, especially men. He is on Obie-time and we need to give him that time and space to lose his fear of people he is not familiar with. Presence of another calm older dog would be fine. No children at this point until we learn more about Obie. No cats either just cause we do not know how he will do with them.

Medical: Obie is in fine health. Current on vaccinations, neutered, chipped, and heartworm negative.

Located in: El Cerrito.

If you want to adopt Obie, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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