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Oscar -- 3-year-old black male Lab 100-lb Neutered

Background: Oscar had been spending his days and nights in his concrete backyard – for several years -- with nary a stint inside his humans’ home. Dad wanted Oscar to be allowed into the home, but Mom prevailed and refused to allow Oscar into the house. Darn! We are delighted that Dad realized this situation was untenable and he surrendered Oscar to us so we could find Oscar a home where he can spend time indoors with his people.

What Oscar's Foster Says: Oscar is a 100-pound 3-1/2-year-old dog who thinks he is still a puppy. He is full of energy and works well with human interaction and frequent mental and physical stimulation. He is calm in the mornings, enjoys his walks and then needs extra play and stimulation in the afternoons and evenings. When Oscar plays, he tends to get over excited which can sometimes lead to the typical puppy mouthing that can be challenging with adult teeth. He also takes adult items for attention (TV remote control, hats, toilet paper roll, socks, shoes) and runs away with them for attention. We started with re-directing him rather than chasing and providing him with fun toys. He is a quick learner and we are working on “drop” and “leave it” commands. Since he was raised outside, he has been provided with a doggy door and frequent encouragement to take his potty breaks outside. This has worked well because he has not had any accidents inside the house. Oscar is calm when we put the Gentle Leader harness on for his walks twice a day. He wags his tail when he meets new people, kids and other dogs in the neighborhood. We are starting to introduce him to other dogs and he remains calm during the interaction, but doesn’t seem to want to play with them. Oscar is learning to fetch and retrieve balls and play with his toys. With regular exercise and attention, he is sleeping through the night on his dog bed next to his foster's bed.

What Oscar's Rescue Rep Says: This is one terrific dog. He made the transition from his former home to his current foster home without missing a tail wag. Oscar has been decompressing well in a quiet household with someone home all day and frequent exercise. He would do best in a family without other dogs, cats or young children – as he is very adult human focused. He seems to listen better to his foster dad than mom, so a male adopter would be best.

Medical: Oscar is in fine health… perhaps a few pounds overweight. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, neutered and heartworm negative.

Located In: Sunnyvale. Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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