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Video: Happy Posey

Video: Wiggle-my-butt Posey

Video: Posey seeing another passing dog

Video: Posey meeting Sabine

Posey ~6-year-old female yellow Lab ~55-lbs Spayed

Background: Posey was part of a large group of dogs confiscated from an alleged hoarder. She was the only Lab among them. The legal proceedings have been resolved, and Posey now needs to find a new home – with ideally less than twenty other dogs. Posey is currently chilling at a foster home.

What Posey's Rescue Rep Says: Very hard to believe that Posey came from such an unfortunate situation given her unbridled happiness, well-balanced nature, and joy of life. Perhaps she is making up for lost time. When I met Posey at the shelter, she was a bubbly wiggly pup that just wanted attention and to be touched. Not so interested in squeaky toys – may never have had the opportunity to play with them before. Did great with another dog (Sabine) that we met up close at the shelter. Posey has a nice soft mouth. “Sits” quickly for treats. Very responsive on leash. No idea how Posey is with cats – but I suspect she would be just fine. She is much smaller than the average Lab. Great candidate for a family with kids.

Medical: In good health, current on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, negative for heartworm. Torn CCL; TPLO surgery pends.

Located in: Belmont.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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