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3 Female Puppies Remaining of a Litter

Background: Mom and dad are very well loved and cared for dogs. They are both working breed dogs! Dad is a Chocolate Lab and mom is a red Golden Retriever – she is a very petite dog. (Mom will be going back to the owenrs.

What The Puppies' Foster Says: These are typical 5 week old puppies – sleep, eat, pee, poop, play, repeat... they are very mouthy at this age, so having siblings to test things out on is a good idea. (They are all over 6 pounds at this time.) They are very bouncy and very affectionate and very interested in the humans of varying ages who come to visit them. Basically, they all just want a lap and some attention and something to chew on and life is all good. Mom is a Golden Retriever and dad is a Chocolate Lab. They need exercise and training! These are very special pups and are very happy to have in our care and they deserve very special homes and families! (We have a variety of volunteers coming to help with the puppies – women, men, teenagers and kids. They are getting well socialized. Mom is fine with the fosters tow dogs in the home.)

The Puppies are Doing Well: Playing, sleeping, pooping and eating and then repeating! (Puppies are great but you need to be prepared to have an active dog in your home for the next 5 plus years.). Everything is a fun game! They have been well socialized, met a variety of people and kids. All are very social and tolerant. These puppies will be very active and you need to be their leader!

Medical: They will have their first shots before they go home and they will be dewormed.

Lab rescue pays for all their shots, spay/neuter and microchip. You must go to one of our vets to have the full medical bill taken care of. If you use your vet them only a portion can be paid for. Adoption fee is $550 and spay and neuter deposit is $400.

Located in: Novato.

If you are around during the day, have the time for training and exercise, please email Liz, liz@jobshopsf.com, emails only.

Please send answers to the following questions:

1. Provide how a puppy/active dog will fit into you daily routine, including the number of hours you are typically away from home each day, where the puppy will be when it is left on its own and where it will sleep at night.

2. The puppies will need to be kept at home until they finish their full cycle of vaccines at 16 or 17 weeks old. Are you able to accommodate this time period?

3. Do you currently have any pets? Cats, guinea pigs, chickens, dogs?

4. Provide your experience with dogs and puppies in particular, including training experience or professional training used with other dogs or planned for a puppy.

5. As the puppy turns into an active young dog, please indicate how its exercise needs will be met, i.e. twice daily walks.

6. Is your yard secure for a puppy and an active dog?

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our volunteers donate their personal time phones so please only call during reasonable hours (8am - 8pm). The Rescue Rep identified in the dog posting is the only person with information about the dog - please only contact the designated volunteer. We do call everyone back within 2-3 days so please be patient. We work very hard to make the right matches for the dogs and for the new owners. We get 3-5 dogs per week; we do not have a facility where the dogs are housed, they are in foster homes throughout the Bay Area.