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Video: Hanging Out With Raffi

Video: Raffi mozying around the backyard

Raffi 14-year-old male black Lab 100 lb Not neutered

Background: Bada boom. Bada bing. “The familia” had to relinquish Mafia (that really was their name for him) to a local shelter as they were moving and could not take him with them. Rumor was they were headed into the witness protection program and the Feds refused to include Mafia in on the deal. Them two-timing flat-foots.

What The Lab Rescue Evaluator Says:He is a large dog. His records do indicate that he has some arthritis but he gets around surprisingly well. He seemed a bit anxious with some heavy breathing, but super friendly. We did a food test with him with a can of wet food; he seemed to really enjoy it; of course... and didn’t react at all to touch from the plastic hand. He didn’t react when the bowl was pulled away from him; he just continued to eat. We weren’t able to do a traditional meet-and-greet with another dog with him, but as we were exiting the shelter he did come in to contact with another dog -- a young puppy who Mafia seemed very interested in greeting; tail wagging, wanting to say hello. My overall impression of Mafia is he is a lovely senior dog. The notes in his shelter records indicates he gets along well with other dogs, but is a bit protective of his yard. Other than that no other behavioral problems.

Note: Once we brought Mafia into federal protective custody, we immediately changed his name to Raffi.

What Their Foster Says: Raffi is healthy, well-adjusted and tolerant if not interested in other dogs; we took in our sister-in-law’s 12-pound dachshund/chihuahua and the dogs are co-habitating just fine. He is fine with other dogs but wants to harass the cat. Cat stays away so no real problems. Raffi has a neurological problem with his back legs which make it difficult to get up from lying on floors and getting up on couches/beds. Has trouble getting up from floor at times and needs a boost to get up on couch. He follows people around the house. Raffi does not like being alone. He installed on sleeping on the bed which whoever is interested in adopting her should be made aware. He barks at our cat and when he is left alone. The pain medication and glucosamine problem are helping but difficult to see much difference. He still wheezes and breathes quickly everyday but not constantly. He has a soft mouth when taking treats from hands. Good on leash. Should not play fetch due to the exertion it requires. He is mostly (but not completely) housebroken.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Time to put a contract out on Mafia (er, Raffi)... that is, a contract to provide a fabulous home for him in his senior years. Raffi has been in prison before -- did time back in the early 2010s for felony bone robbery, got off early for good fetching. But he sure didn’t appreciate being back in lock-up for a crime he didn’t commit. He said the chow was lousy and the poodle in the cell next to him wouldn’t stop yapping about how his lawyer is a crook. Raffi just needs a safe house to relax and spend his final years… dreaming about past doggie capers. A little time in the exercise yard is all he needs. Mebbe one short walk a day to the race track to bet on some fillies. Make Raffi an offer he can’t refuse.

Medical: Our vet recommends that Raffi not be neutered for health reasons. He is up to date on shots, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Raffi is suffering from a case of laryngeal paralysis (lar-par) which causes him to breathe heavy and wheeze a little.

Located in: Mountain View

If you are interested in adopting Raffi, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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