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Raider 10-month-old male black Lab 58-lb Not yet neutered

Background:This guy was found as a stray and never claimed. The shelter reported, “He seems like a nice dog, but he is young and exhibiting quite a lot of rude behaviors (jumpy, mouthy, pushy). We believe he is around a year old, and weighs 58 lbs. From what I have seen of him around other dogs so far, he seems interested and non-reactive.”

What Their Foster Says:Raider is a sweet dog that just wants to be loved and in return he gives lots of kisses. We are very pleased with his progress in the short time (less than 2 weeks) we’ve had him. Raider has encountered many dogs and has shown no signs of aggression, but he will get into a barking match if other dogs are barking at him. My own dog Cheyenne did put Raider in his place a couple of times, and he did get complacent and showed no signs of retaliation. Raider is not 100% house trained; we have him on a regular potty routine and have been monitoring his water intake. Raider loves his toys but will destroy them. He has not done any damage to the personal property when he’s in the house or when left out in the backyard. Raider is not crate trained; he will bark constantly when he’s put in the crate. This could be because he spent seven weeks in the shelter. He has been good with sleeping in the bedroom on his dog bed. He has become real calm when I transport him in the crate. He still gets a little nervous when I put him in the vehicle crate, but he is getting better with every trip. Raider is very gentle when taking treats from the hand. He has learned to sit and wait until he’s given the okay to eat. He shows no signs of aggression when feeding and even when he gets special treats (chomping sticks and marrow bones). Raider has not shown any interest in Cheyenne’s food. Raider is starting to sit and stay without treats. He’s fast learning what “No” and “Don’t Touch” mean. We’ve started leash training and learning the “Down” command. Raider had a bad habit of wanting to bully his way through a doorway and now he’s learning to sit and stay before he’s given the okay to cross the doorway. Raider is a counter-surfer; I purchased a Scat Mat and he’s quickly learning not to surf the counter tops. Raider does have a lot of energy when we let him in the house or when we come home but he calms down within 5 minutes. I’m confident that Raider will become a great family dog with ongoing training, obedience, exercise, and affection.

June 22nd Foster Update: Raider continues to show improvement. This past week, Raider has been left in the house alone with our dog Cheyenne and hasn’t caused any damages. He’s been left alone 4-5 times ranging from 1-3 hours. I’ll even leave the Scat Mat on the counter with some treats, and he has shown no interest in the treats. We no longer lock him in our room when we go to sleep at night. Raider hasn’t had any accidents in the house over the past 7+ days. He’ll come to me and start licking me around 5:00am so he can go out and potty. It’s great but he doesn’t understand that he needs to go back to sleep after that – hah!

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Wonderful dog that craves guidance and leadership. No idea how he is with cats. Will need an active house with lots of dedication to Raider’s continued development. May be too much for home with small children.

Medical: Raider is in great health, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Will be neutered in near future.

Located in: Danville

If you may want to adopt Raider, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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