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Ranger 10-month-old chocolate male Lab Not yet neutered

Background: A dog-loving couple (who rescued a dog from the side of the road six months ago) took in Ranger two weeks ago for a friend who could no longer care for him due to work travel. Unfortunately, Ranger and their current rescue dog don’t get along and they have to keep them separated.

What Our Evaluator Says:My 12-year-old son was the first to meet Ranger who was apprehensive and moved back into his current rescuer and barked. Once my son got the tennis ball and started throwing it for him, they became fast friends. When I walked Ranger away from his current rescuers, he wanted to go back to them, but he didn’t cry or pull. He was all over the place on the leash moving from smell to smell, taking it all in. When I sat and ignored Ranger, he was very interested in all the things going on behind us. After 30 seconds he came and sniffed my hand. Ranger let me pet and touch him all over, back, legs, ears, feet, and tummy. He had no soreness or tenderness anywhere. Ranger is learning to take treats gently. And there was no resource guarding. I put my hand in the bowl while he was eating. Ranger is a very typical lab. He looks like an English lab with a beautiful dark chocolate coat and green eyes. He is a puppy who is very curious about new places, new things and new people. On a scale of 1-10 for lab energy, 10 being the most energy possible, I would say Ranger is about a 6-7. His current rescuers are giving Ranger the proper exercise to get all that puppy energy out. This allows him to be very trainable. They are working with him on being gentle taking treats, coming when called and walking on leash. Ranger is an excellent listener. He knows his name and his recall is great for a 10-month-old. He is eager to please and looking to learn.

What Ranger's Rescue Rep Says: Ranger needs additional socialization with people, places and other dogs so his initial reaction isn’t to bark. Because his background isn’t totally known, older kids may be best for Ranger. He needs lots of exercise – easy to accomplish due to his ball obsession. He needs a consistent routine and someone that can work with him and get him trained. He will make a great dog and is at the perfect age to get him trained. 10-month-old active dogs are a lot to handle – never a dull moment. This is not a calm and chill “lay-at-your-feet-all-day” dog. No idea how Ranger is with cats.

Medical: Ranger is a bit underweight. We are still collecting his vaccinations records. Not yet microchipped or neutered.

Located in: Rio Vista.

If you want to adopt Ranger, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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