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Raven Approx. 9-year-old black female Lab 75lb Spayed

Background: This gorgeous and loveable girl was found as a stray in Contra Cost County and spent about a month in the shelter before joining our program. We are pretty sure she has lived a rough life and has experienced great neglect. Can you or someone you know care for her and provide her the home she deserves to take her through her senior years? Who will take a chance on this sweet girl?

What Raven's Rescue Rep Says: Raven is a happy and energetic senior lab with lots of love and life left to give to the right adopters. And don’t let the word “Senior” fool you. She has a ton of energy; her aging body has trouble keeping up.

Raven LOVES to meet new people young and old. She is happy, playful, and smart. Like all labs she likes to be with her people. Raven came to us with some leash aggression from her life on the streets. Her first reaction was to protect herself so learning to trust her walker was critical during her training. Raven has made great progress thanks to our dedicated fosters and can now walk by barking dogs without reacting. Her walker must simply continue walking by as if there is nothing else to see. She does pull a bit on walks, and she is a strong dog, but again with the right leash control and training she understands the assignment. We are looking for an adopter that can continue to build trust with Raven and follow her walking protocol using a calm and positive approach. Raven may have TOO much energy for older couples looking for a true senior, less active dog.

Due to her passed, Raven should not be taken to a dog park nor locations where an unleashed dog could run up to her. She loves to fetch, but due to her arthritis her best exercise options are walks, tug, and "find it" games. Raven is fine around other large dogs, but no small dogs.

Raven is a true companion dog. She is wonderful in the house. She doesn’t need to be crated and never messes with things that aren’t hers.

Can you care for Raven and provide her the home she deserves to take her through her senior years?

What Raven's Foster Says: What Raven’s foster says. Raven is a real sweetheart. Initially kind of shy, she has been blossoming into an adventurous, sweet, and eager to please girl. She is smart and is interested in everything her people do. Raven's favorite past time is "find it", and she is now a world champ at it. "Find it" means she searches for treats I hide in the backyard. Nose to the ground, she will search rain or shine, night or day. Seriously, she's happy to search in the dark. Raven loves going on walks, she's pretty enthusiastic about it. Raven also loves puzzle games, which comes in handy on rainy days or days that are too hot to walk her. She pulls a bit but is getting very good at walking with her new harness that doesn’t hurt her sensitive ears (traditional, behind the ear leashes are painful.)

Raven has lived with another dog and children (ages 4, 8 and 12 years old), gets along with both quite well. Raven is a true companion dog. She really wants to be with her people, outside, inside, wherever. She has terrific house manners. She loves to go for car rides, and she greets me at the door with a happily wagging tail and wiggles. Raven made friends with my neighbors instantly, and now hangs out with them, too. Raven knows sit, stay, and lay down. She is house trained, does not chew on stuff in the house, and has a good alarm bark. Raven is a sweet, smart dog who wants someone to love and play with.

Medical: Medical. Raven is spayed, chipped, and current on vax. Raven was seen by a GGLRR veterinarian who thinks her age is closer to 10 years old.

Raven has some arthritis, which is managed well with Carprofen and Gabapentin. She loves to play fetch, but in order to protect her joints, the vet has told us not to, so we don’t.

Raven is also being seen by a Dermatologist to get her chronic ear infections under control. Her ears are looking great, and we have a recheck in mid-November to hopefully get off her ear medications. She is also currently on a prescription food diet for her skin and possible ear allergies.

Located in: With a foster in San Jose, CA.

If you are interested in adopting Raven, please contact Rescue Rep Marie at mariedross@att.net. 

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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