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Video: Raven at the shelter

Video: Raven saying hello before breakfast

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Raven 7-10-year-old black female Lab 75lb Spayed

Background: Found as a stray in Contra Costa County and spent about a month at the shelter before moving into her foster home.

What The Shelter Says About Raven:Fly like an eagle, flutter like a butterfly, or just be perfect like Raven! This doggy is all that you have been waiting for plus more. “LETS PLAY BALL!” This dog plays fetch super-duper well. Raven comes prancing back to you, and drops the ball perfectly at your feet. Raven does not care about stuffy toys or rope toys. Her most favorite toy in the world is the tennis ball! If she could run after the tennis ball the whole day, she would be the happiest girl in the whole world! Raven does not mind seeing other dogs. She knows they are nearby but she would much rather walk right by your side. Raven is full of excitement! This comes across when she is walking on the leash. She does not pull much, but she will for all the yummy smells around her.

What Raven's Rescue Rep Says:Raven was very excited and happy to meet me and even more excited when she saw my tennis ball. We played fetch right away and she was very happy. I had to hide the ball and remove it from the meet and greet area so I could get Raven’s attention to do my evaluation. Raven didn’t really let me ignore her. She was very happy to have attention. Raven followed me around the enclosure. She is very social, and full of energy. I thought she was 3-4 years old so I was surprised when I saw the shelter notes saying they thought she was 7 years old. Raven let me pet her all over. She didn’t love it when I touched her paws though she let me touch them. When I went to touch her ears she immediately pulled away. I tried again and noticed her ears were extremely swollen and bumpy. Inside her ears were also dirty and may have an infection. I took Raven on a walk outside of the enclosure. She loved to smell all the smells but she was great on leash. For a big dog she didn’t pull me. If she did start to pull I gave the leash a light tug and she fell right back in line. She would be very easy to train on leash. Raven met another dog (Herb) and they were totally fine with each other. They circled nicely and then got close enough to smell each other in the bums and then after another lap stopped to say hello face to face. Once Raven knew the ball was gone I got out the treats. She can sit, shake and lay down. She does these things quickly in a row like she knows what command is coming next in the routine. She took the treats gently but very eagerly. Raven has no resource guarding issues and I was able to pull the bowl of food away from her no problem. Raven exhibits all the behavior of a typical lab. Sweet, well mannered, and ball obsessive. Raven is a ball of energy for an older lab. She will need LOTS of daily exercise and a place to play fetch is required. She will benefit greatly from a consistent routine so she can learn what is expected of her. Because of some of her possessive behavior toward her ball she may be best in a home without another dog and with older kids who can throw the ball for her. Raven would make a wonderful addition to a home with experienced dog owners who can train her, give her consistency and lots of exercise.

What Raven's Foster Says: Raven quickly decompressed in our home after her street and shelter life. She slept through the night in her crate without issue from day 1. Getting here from the shelter was also without problems, she jumped into the transport crate with one word and she has been doing that ever since when she needs to be transported by car. She is housetrained, crate trained and rides calmly. Her love language is FETCH. If she senses your attention, she immediately drops something for you to throw. Raven doesn't like to be touched, but after a few days she allowed me a few belly scratches. She would always be running after a ball, even when she is exhausted. When resting, she still follows you with her head, alert, looking for your attention, always ready for some play. She is getting used to our routine and knows that in our house it is time to lay down and be calm. She will even go and rest in her crate with the door open. Raven is okay with collar, harness, leash, although not a fan of leash walking. She just wants to GET THERE. Where she can play fetch.

She is insecure when leashed and other dogs are getting closer, meaning that she would lunge and snap out of fear, but would not care about them if she is unleashed and about to play. However, she has exhibited possessive behaviors and does not like other dogs chasing or taking her ball.  

Raven is now living with small kids (4 years, 8 years and 12 years) plus another dog. There was never an issue with any of the kids or the dog, who is a calm and relaxed dog. I am not sure she would be a good fit with any dog, but she is fine with ours. She will immediately accept you if you have a ball to throw.

Medical: Raven weighs 75 pounds is spayed and chipped. Raven was seen by a GGLRR veterinarian who thinks her age is between 7-10 years due to the changing color in her eyes. Her right ear was treated for infection and this ear may need lifelong attention. Her teeth and skin are in great shape. The small growth on her right rear leg was aspirated and appears to be normal. Adopter should keep an eye on this growth and be seen by a veterinarian if it changes at all. Raven was also put on Carprofen, (ibuprofen for dogs) to help with her old age stiffness from her love of fetch.

Located in: With a foster family in Cotati, CA.

If you are interested in adopting Raven, please contact Rescue Rep Marie at mariedross@att.net. 

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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