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Raven 7-year-old black female Lab 75lb Spayed

Background: This wonderful girl was found as a stray in Contra Costa County and spent about a month at the shelter before moving into her foster home.

What Raven's Rescue Rep Says:Raven was very excited and happy to meet me and even more excited when she saw my tennis ball. We played fetch right away and she was soooo very happy. I had to hide the ball so I could get Raven’s attention to do my evaluation. Raven didn’t really let me ignore her. She was very happy to have attention. Raven followed me around the enclosure. She is very social, and full of energy. I thought she was 3-4 years old, so I was surprised when I saw the shelter notes saying they thought she was 7 years old. Raven let me pet her all over. She didn’t love it when I touched her paws, though she let me touch them. Raven met another dog (Herb) and they were totally fine with each other. They circled nicely and then got close enough to smell each other in the bums and then after another lap stopped to say hello face to face. Once Raven knew the ball was gone, I got out the treats. She can “sit”, “shake” and lay “down”. She does these things quickly in a row like she knows what command is coming next in the routine. She took the treats gently but very eagerly. Raven exhibits all the behavior of a typical lab. Sweet, well mannered, and ball-obsessive. Raven is a ball of energy for an older lab.

We are looking for a home that can give Raven lots of daily exercise and a place to play fetch is required. She will benefit greatly from a consistent routine so she can learn what is expected of her. Raven would make a wonderful addition to a home with experienced dog owners who can train her, give her consistency and lots of exercise.

What Raven's Foster Says: Raven is a real sweetheart. Initially kind of shy, she has been blossoming into an adventurous, sweet, and eager to please girl. She is smart and is interested in everything her people do. Raven's favorite past time is "find it", and she is now a world champ at it. "Find it" means she searches for treats I hide in the backyard. Nose to the ground, she will search rain or shine, night or day. Seriously, she's happy to search in the dark. Raven loves going on walks, she's pretty enthusiastic about it. She pulls a bit, but it's no big deal with an Easy Walk or Sidekick leash on.

Raven has lived with another dog and children (ages 4, 8 and 12 years old), gets along with both quite well. She has a strong prey drive, she wants to chase squirrels, cats, and small dogs.

Raven is a true companion dog. She really wants to be with her people, outside, inside, wherever. She has terrific house manners. She loves to go for car rides, and she greets me at the door with a happily wagging tail and wiggles. Raven made friends with my neighbors instantly, and now hangs out with them, too. Raven knows sit, stay, and lay down- recall is a work in progress. She is house trained, does not chew on stuff in the house, and has a good alarm bark. Raven has some arthritis, which is managed well with Carprofen. She loves to play fetch, but in order to protect her joints, the vet has told us not to play running games with her. Raven is a sweet, smart dog who wants someone to love and play with.

Medical: Raven is spayed, chipped, and current on vax. Raven was seen by a GGLRR veterinarian who thinks her age is between 7-10 years. GGLRR had a small growth on her leg removed and biopsied in early February and the margins were clean and should not cause Raven any future issues. Raven is on Carprofen, (ibuprofen for dogs) to help with her old age stiffness from her love of fetch.

Located in: With a foster in San Jose, CA.

If you are interested in adopting Raven, please contact Rescue Rep Marie at mariedross@att.net. 

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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