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REMI 3 Year Old Chocolate Male Lab 56 Pounds Neutered

Background: GGLRR received a call from Remi’s owner as they need to rehome him as they do not have the time to give him the attention he needs. The rep went and met Remi and we will work with the owner to find Remi a home that will be able to give him more time.

What Remi's Owner Says: Remi is a loving 3 year old chocolate Labrador retriever with A LOT of energy. We have loved him since we got him at 8 weeks old, but with the addition of our 2nd son to our home he is not getting the attention he needs. He loves other dogs, as well as children of any age. His whole life he has had 2 companion dogs, one male and one female. He does like a good chew toy but has recently been less interested in playing fetch. He is crate trained and as a puppy spent a lot of time indoors, as he grew he has spent more and more time outdoors. His best day is spent in the sun being chased by his dog and human friends.

What Remi's Rescue Rep Says: Remi is a very nice boy and will make a wonderful companion. He was purchased from a breeder and the current owner has had him since he was 8 weeks of age. When meeting Remi he will come over and jump up to greet you but not knock you over; it is gentle about his greeting. (He is just excited to see his human visitors.) Remi is a small male Lab and in great shape. Remi has been around men, women, kids and lot’s of dogs with no issues. He is excited when he sees other dogs and wants them to play with him. We would recommend a home without other dogs at this time as Remi needs to learn better social cues from new dogs. He is a very happy, friendly with lot’s of Great energy. (Currently he has more energy that he would on a regular basis as he is not getting walked each day. He was going for 2 walks a day and now he may be getting 2-3 walks a week.) He was a house dog until 2 months ago and now he sleeps in his crate in the garage; he is housetrained. Remi knows sit, stay, down, and off. He loves to ride in the car and swim. He will need a refresher on leash and he will pull but again a lot has to do with getting him more exercise. The owners live close to a walking path so Remi will bark when people go by and he will bark if he wants you to play with him. If Remi is inside the home he quiets down and does not bark. We are not sure about Remi with cats and we would recommend older kids or a dog savvy family that can work with Remi on his greeting as he may knock small kids over. (He does bark at the birds that fly over the house so we feel he may chase cats.) We would love a home that will give Remi the exercise he needs and continue his training. We want Remi back inside the home as he wants to be part of the pack again. GGLRR currently have Remi with a professional trainer and she is working with him on his leash skills, his social cues with other dogs and he is picking up quickly. The trainer said he adores her already and will follow her around for affection. We feel Remi would do best in a home with no other pets, a dog savvy home who has owned large breed dogs and a home where he will have room to play! We want Remi to go to a home that will get him the exercise that he needs – a tired dog is a good dog!

Medical: Remi is updated on his shots, needs a current heartworm test. He is microchipped and neutered. He has not had any health issues with the current owner.

Located in: Watsonwille

If you are interested in adopting this nice boy Remi please contact Rescue Rep Sandy at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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