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Rory 6-year-old female chocolate Lab 76 pounds Not yet spayed

Background: Rory was surrendered to us from a Vacaville family that just had her for a few weeks. She'd originally come from a breeder, and it is obvious that she has had many litters. A friend of the family has taken Rory into her own home in Pilot Hill while Rory is up for adoption.

What Rory's Current Caretaker Says: Rory is very friendly. She is house-broken, but not crate-trained. She spends her day both inside and outside as she has doggy-door access to move about as she pleases. Rory knows "sit", "come", "drop", and "leave it". She enjoys hanging out with my own dogs. Super sweet with children. Rory doesn't seem to care about cats.

What Rory's Rescue Rep Says: An absolutely adorable and sweet Lab. My evaluation of Rory found her to be a wonderfully affiliative dog. I could touch her all over without issue. She met two golden retrievers at the dog park and wanted to romp with them. No inappropriate behavior at all. No food guarding. Walked quite nicely on leash. Showed a little interest in a squeaky toy -- not sure she'd ever been shown how to play with toys or balls. Could be a great dog for a family with children. I just was at the vet with her and she was fabulous -- they all fell in love with her.

Medical: Rory is in fine health. She just passed a wellness exam with flying colors. Vet said her current weight is real good. Blood work is great. Heartworm negative. Just got a Rabies and distemper vax -- vet recommends a distemper vax booster in early October. Rory will soon be spayed.

Located In: Pilot Hill (east of Folsom)

If you are interested in adopting Rory, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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