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Video: Roscoe's first taste of running free.

Video: Roscoe loves water.

Video: Roscoe and his hedgehog toy.

Video: Roscoe the nut case.

Video: Roscoe meets some dogs at the local park.

Video: Roscoe meets Diesel (aka "The Sphinx").

Video: Roscoe says "Why won't you play with me?".

Video: Time for a moring walk.

Video: Roscoe and his new palls at his Orinda foster home.


Roscoe 1-year-old black male Lab mix 58-lbs Neutered

Background: Roscoe (originally named Rocco) was adopted out of a local shelter when he was four months old. He has lived in a small home since then but received little exposure to the outside world. His human dad was the only one that could walk him, but he worked long hours away from the home. So Rocco spent most of his day chained to a door knob inside the home. Rocco was very skittish and wary of our evaluators when they met him. On leash, he was all over the place – like he just did not know how to walk on a leash.

What Roscoe's Foster Says: This guy was pretty scared out of his gourd when he arrived, but he started coming out of his shell after a few days. He has become very affiliative with me -- flopping on the floor for a belly rub… and jumping up to lick my face. Roscoe wants to play with my older dog Diesel and my foster dog Theo, but he tends to pester them a bit too much and they sometimes growl at him and he leaves them alone to pursue some other interesting toy or smell. He’s learning how to walk on leash – loves to go on walks and hikes. He is an Energizer bunny… and wants to go, go, go outside -- run, run, run – but then he crashed nicely inside the house. He has shown no interest in escaping or running away, but he sure likes to explore. He has learned his new name and now knows how to “sit” with the help of treats – very treat motivated, so that helps. Working on taking treats with a soft mouth – he is definitely at that juvenile mouthy stage. House-trained. No sleeping through the night in his x-pen. He is a lot of fun and very playful. He loves splashing around in streams.

What Roscoe's Rescue Rep Says: I renamed this guy “Roscoe” as he is a little bit of a rascal – seemed a more fitting name. He has come a long way since joining our program. Would do great in a home with another active dog. Would probably be fine in a home with a cat, although he will likely want to play with the cat. Will need exercise and training. Given his mouthiness, Roscoe would not be a good fit for a family with kids under ten.

Medical: In great health. Rosco is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped and neutered.

Located In: Orinda.

If you want to adopt Roscoe, contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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