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Video: Rosie playing.

Video: Rosie .

Rosie ~4-Year-Old Female Black Lab Mix~50 lbs, Needs to be Spayed

Background: Rosie is being surrendered as her human parents are going through a divorce. Rosie's person is a single mom with four young children who can not give Rosie the care she deserves.

What Rosie's Family Says: Rosie is a playful and affectionate dog! She is always excited to see her humans and wants to be right by our side whenever she can. When with us she is a pretty quiet pup, she shows her affection by laying her head in a lap or thinking she's a bit smaller than she actually is and cuddling right up next to you on the couch.

Rosie loves little people and big people alike, though she needs a little training to help her realize babies can't quite play as quickly as she can. She is affectionate and loving with our 9, 7, 6, and 3 year old. They’ve tugged and pushed and yelled all around her and she has never responded poorly. She has lived with our slightly older dog and is always wanting her to play so I think she would do well with a doggie playmate. She makes friends quickly at the dog park; she is submissive to the other dogs and only barks with excitement when first showing up.

Rosie is potty trained, knows how to use the dog door, and sleeps through the night. She usually slept in the laundry room but when we let her sleep in the general house she would either sleep on the kids bed with them or under my bed.

One of the things we love most about Rosie is how great she is at adventuring! She loves a good hike and a romp in a river. She would do very well with an outdoorsy family that has the means to take her along. She always made us feel safe when hiking and always entertained us when she could get access to water. We noticed she was calmest and best on a leash when she had wide open spaces.

When my ex husband attempted to train Rosie she was a fast and eager learner, unfortunately she didn't get consistent training but I believe if she did she would be quite easily trained. She can most of the time sit when asked, though stay and recall commands she struggles with. She has gotten out of the property a few times but always came back, she is not interested in running away.

Rosie loves her people so much that she is never food possessive and will let you take a treat right out of her mouth. Sometimes if you've got something really yummy you are offering her she will grab it a little too intensely but most of the time she eats nicely. She is not food aggressive but does do a little bit of the "I have got something I’m not supposed to have tail wagging dance."

Sometimes Rosie can be a jumper but often I have found that she just wants a hug, sometimes I have let her just put a paw on each hip and she is so happy to get a pat on the head while “hugging” me.

We will miss Rosie so much but she is such a loving dog that we want her to be with a family that can give her back all the love she deserves. We hope this is a family that can give her daily walks, chances for outside adventures, and daily time with them inside and hopefully a playmate for her to be with when her humans are at work

What Rosie's Rescue Rep Says: We had a volunteer go out and meet/evaluate Rosie and discovered a sweet and active girl that deserves rescue. It's merely impossible for her human mom to give her the attention she deserves as she's raising four young children and working outside of the home. Rosie is great around all of the children who range in age from 3 through 9 years. While out on a walk, Rosie did shy away from a man who our volunteer stopped to talk to. Rosie's owner said Rosie was sometimes scared of her ex-husband.

We'd like Rosie to go to a semi-active home where she will receive daily walks (not just backyard exercise), an enclosed backyard where she can run and play, a home where she won't be left alone for long stretches of the day.

She currently resides with a senior female PitBull that she does well with. No cats as Rosie chases them.

Medical: Rosie appears to be in good health. We need to get her in for a general wellness exam as well as get her spayed.

Located in: Turlock.

If you are interested in adopting Rosie, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at In your email please tell me how you meet the requirements for Rosie, what a typical day would be like for her in your home, as well as your experience with large dogs.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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