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Roxy 7 month old female black Lab 68 lbs spayed

Background:Due to a family situation Roxy and her brother Leo were surrendered to Lab Rescue to find their forever home.

What Roxy's Foster Says: Roxy is a wonderful puppy! Sweet and pretty mellow, she is a wiggly, happy girl, delighted to be around the humans in the house and very interested to play tag with our six year old lab and fetch or whatever game you want to play. She is interested but not too pushy with our cat. Housebroken (well, just about) and crate trained, she sleeps quietly through the night but one needs to watch her for random chewing on things that are unauthorized. At seven months old, she is interested in exploring everything, likes chewing on bones or a treat stuffed Kong and enjoys soft toys as well. She knows sit but but needs to learn to build other skills into her repertoire. She stays off the furniture and doesn’t seem to have discovered counter surfing but she does jump up on people and it’s a bit mouthy when she wants attention (thankfully with her tongue and not her teeth). We have been taking her to an off leash dog park every morning where she is meeting other dogs and people and learning recall. So far so good! Walking her around the neighborhood in the evening is improving her leash training. She is underexposed to the world, so she can lunge or bark initially at people or things that she doesn’t recognize. but this goes away quickly. Roxy is at that impressionable puppy age where is she is very attentive to her humans, trusts them and will learn good manners and gain confidence quickly, so long as her lucky family introduces her to new things, gives her daily exercise and routine. She would do well in a family with a male well trained dog and/or kids 10+ who want to take her with them on their adventures. However, with another dog in the family her adopters still need to have enough time to devote to Roxy’s training.

What Roxy's Rescue Rep Says: Thinking how much fun it would be to own a puppy? That’s true but a lot of time and energy comes along with raising a puppy to be a good canine citizen. Roxy has not been exposed to a lot of things so she will need an adopter that has Lab experience raising Lab puppies, active and energetic ones, and has the time and patience it will take to get her to understand that life isn’t that scary. She has come from living in the country with lots of acreage and would be best to not live in a busy active city. She needs an active social family to continue with her training and give her the consistency that she needs. She is a smart girl who wants to please, is treat motivated and has a soft mouth. At 68 lbs, she still has a lot of growing to do so she will be a big girl. Because of her jumping, mouthiness, strength and size, any kids in the house must be 10+.

Medical: Roxy is healthy and has seen the vet, is updated on vaccs, Heartworm negative and chipped.

Located in: El Cerrito

If you are interested in adopting Roxy, please email Sandy at and tell me why Roxy would be a good fit for your home. Please leave your callback number.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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