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Sailor – Male black Lab, 7-months-old 51 lbs Not yet neutered


Background:This young pup came to the Martinez shelter on March 21st. He was found as a stray, not microchipped and with an injured leg. Our vet was unable to repair Sailor’s fractured left rear leg on March 29th and therefore had to amputate it. There was just too much scar tissue and calcification around the distal head part of the femur bone… He believes the fracture occurred in late Feb / early March. Poor guy. But don’t feel bad for Sailor dog. He is an absolute sweetheart!

What Sailor's Foster Says:I’ve been fostering Sailor for nearly two months. Sailor will look at you with his eyes and melt your heart. We don't know what he went thru prior to coming into the Lab Rescue, he does have some anxieties and fears of the big world around him. He is a skittish of new people and noises. But once he feels comfortable and safe around you, he warms up. He seems to warm up to people with other dogs around them. Sailor is house-trained, crate-trained (he actually will go into his crate even if the door is open for him to get out), and able to go up and down stairs (gets around just fine with his 3 legs). Sailor loves to play fetch, playing with other dogs, going on car rides, laying under my feet while I work or under my bed. He is definitely food-motivated -- good for training. Sailor will need walks and exercise. His adopter must be prepared to give Sailor the opportunity to absolutely thrive and experience life to the fullest. Three-legged dogs live long and full lives. Sailor would thrive in a quiet/calm environment for his forever home. Probably best if any kids are in the household they are 10-yrs-old or older. Another calm/playful dog would be good for Sailor to learn from that the world is not so scary.

What Sailor's Rescue Rep Says: Sailor makes up for his lack of one rear leg, with his delightful personality and ever-active nature. Good news is that Sailor is not a dog that will jump up on you. Sailor will still need (and want) exercise… and socialization with other dogs. His adopter must be prepared to give Sailor the opportunity to absolutely thrive and experience life to the fullest. Not sure how he is with cats, but I suspect with proper introductions he will be fine.

Medical: Other than getting around on three legs, Sailor is in great health. He is all done with his puppy vaccinations. Not yet neutered or chipped.

Located in: San Rafael

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