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Sally – 2-Year-Old Female Black Lab 60-lbs, Spayed

Background: Sally was adopted from a rescue in Colorado two years ago by a family in the Bay Area when she was a puppy. They have a 9-month-old baby and have realized they are unable to give Sally the exercise, time, and attention that a young, active, and energetic dog needs. The Colorado rescue reached out to see if we might be able to help.

What Sally's Family Says:Sally is a sweet and energetic two-year-old Lab that we adopted from a rescue organization when she was 8 weeks old. She is a very happy and active dog, and is looking for love and attention from her people. Her tail wags whenever you look at her, and she’s always ready for any activity.

Sally still has a lot of adolescent energy, and is ready to start her day immediately after waking up. She starts her mornings with a long walk around the neighborhood, or 30 minutes of fetch in an open field. She loves fetch more than anything in the world, and it seems like she could do it all day (your arm will wear out before she does). Sally benefits from having a job during the day.

When she is not playing fetch, she loves another active canine playmate to live with. She regularly sees dog and human friends at daycare or parks. She has shown no issues with aggression, food guarding, jealousy, biting, or fighting. Sally appropriately submits when interacting with a dominant dog, and does well when shown boundaries by her dog friends. If interacting with a submissive dog, Sally is quick to be more forward and initiate play constantly, but she is friendly to all dogs. She was one of ten siblings and was fostered with adult dogs before she was adopted. She lived with an adult lab “sister” for two years, who she would eagerly try to nap on whenever it came time to snuggle up.

Sally is a lover. She is very affectionate, and will eagerly share a bed at night if asked (she is also happy to sleep in her own dog bed on the ground). She loves being pet, having her ears massaged, or her lower back scratched. In turn, she likes to lean into her humans when showing her affection. She likes to be where her people are, whether they are on the couch, making dinner, on a walk, or even in the bathroom! Sally loves to be in personal space, making sure you know she’s there. She also moves very quickly and is unpredictable, making it tough for young children to calmly interact with her.


Sally is very food motivated and takes to training well. She is smart. She knows sit, down, shake, high-five, turn around, and stay/wait. She recently very quickly learned to use a doggie door. Her fetch and recall are very, very strong, even in parks with other dogs and other owners. Sally doesn’t chew anything that isn’t food or a toy, and is house-trained. She will tap on the door to go out. She is comfortable on the leash, but very excited if she thinks it will lead to a fetch session, which requires frequent reminders to return to her person’s side. Of course, leash behavior is always a work in progress for this very active girl! Sally has some experience in at-home agility training as well, and can jump through a hula hoop, race through a dog tunnel, and jump over a small hurdle. Sometimes Sally treats the home itself as an agility course, and it can be a challenge redirecting her excitement toward more appropriate behavior. She would likely do better if not allowed on furniture.

What Sally's Rescue Rep Says: Sally is a very energetic, playful, smart, and affectionate dog that requires activity and exercise! Upon meeting my husband and me at the front door, she jumped upon us in excitement, went and grabbed her ball, dropped it at my feet, waiting for me to go out and play fetch with her.

Her family has done a lot of training with her and she knows basic commands "Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Fetch, Wait, Off, Turn Around" I introduced and walked her with my male Lab. They excitedly greeted one another and once the excitement quickly dissipated, they both continued contently on their walk.

While sitting on the sofa in the family’s living room, Sally immediately jumped onto the sofa and exuberantly licked my husband’s face (the most) then made her way over to me. Her family has another older female Lab, much calmer. While she was laying on the floor relaxing, Sally made her way over to her, and began pawing at her and licking her face trying to engage her in play.

Sally needs to be placed in an active home with experienced adopters. She is athletic and can play fetch for hours. She’d be great for agility and possibly dock diving. She is housetrained and sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the master bedroom. Her humans work from home, and when they are away from the house, Sally has done fine in the company of her canine sister a couple of hours/day.

Sally would do well with another canine sibling, more dominant than her current canine sibling that is submissive and allows Sally to walk all over her. We don’t know how Sally is with cats. While Sally is very sweet, she is high energy and active so with that, we don’t recommend a home with small children where she can unintentionally step on them and, or knock them over.

We are looking for the best fit for Sally! She’s a young, sweet, and energetic girl that needs a home that will meet her needs as well as fit in comfortably with her family's lifestyle.

Medical: Sally is spayed and microchipped, and is up-to-date on her shots. Sally has shown allergies to some animal proteins, and is on a prescription diet of hydrolyzed soy protein dry food. Sally will eat other dogs’ poop (not her own) if left unattended, which gives her diarrhea. Her love of fetch, running, and jumping have led to some injuries to her claws or her paws, once requiring stitches, but she has no chronic injuries. Her vet asks that she is given oral sedatives prior to vet visits because of her excitement around going to the vet and her dislike of people touching her paws.

Located in: Mountain View

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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