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SAM 14-Month-Old Yellow Lab Male Neutered 70 Pounds

Background: Sam was adopted from a breeder as the owner wanted a service dog. The breeder felt like Sam would make a great service dog. Sam is still a fun-loving puppy and gets himself in trouble at times and the owner realizes he is too much of a dog for her. He has chewed up the sprinkler system, he can pull her on the leash and last weekend he chewed the water tank in the yard and water came rushing down the hill. That is when she knew it was best to find Sam a new home. It is a very hard decision for her to make as Sam is a wonderful, loyal and fun-loving lab but she knows he needs more than she can give to him at this time. When she got Sam from the breeder, she knew he was a deaf dog, but the breeder thought this would be a great match. Being deaf does not slow Sam down. He knows some hand signals and as most labs are, they want to please and LOVE the treats!

What Sam's Owner Says: Sam is a wonderful dog, and we will miss him, but we are not the right home for him. He gets along with everyone and all other animals, one sweet boy! He is well trained and knows some hand signals. He loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back, especially for a treat. He is fine riding in the car and Great with other dogs. We are not sure about Sam and cats and if he likes to swim. He is a very loving dog and loves to be with people. He is an inside dog, housetrained, very energetic and loves to go for walks! He does need better leash manners and will pull when he sees other animals. He will chew on non-dog items, will counter surf at times and he loves to be by my side. We will be sad to see him go but we will be happy that he will be in the right home. He is crated when he is left alone for 1-2 hours, and he is fine.

What Sam's Rescue Rep Says: We are looking for a home that understands active dogs and dogs that want to work for you! Sam is amazing but he is still a puppy and will get in trouble if he does not get the exercise he needs. He is well trained and we want a home that will continue his training. He needs better leash skills. He would be fine in a home with other dogs and children. We want a home where Sam will not be left for long periods of time and a home that will make him part of the pack. Sam is one Sweet boy and will be a great addition to your pack! The owner thinks he can hear high pitch sounds.

Medical: Sam is a very healthy boy and has not had any health issues. He has had regular vet visits and is current on all his shots, is neutered, microchipped and takes regular flea and tick and heartworm medication.

Located in: Santa Rosa Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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