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SARANG 7-Year-Old Yellow Lab 60 Pounds, Neutered

Background: Sarang was surrendered to a shelter in the South Bay as his owner was undergoing cancer treatment and unable to care for him any longer. The shelter reached out to Lab Rescue for help.

What Sarang's Foster Says: Sarang is your typical Lab. He's great with people (adults and children) and loves other dogs. He does get excited when he sees them on leash and will bark and pull towards them. He also loves food, takes treats gently, but is a counter surfer. He was recently neutered (at 7 years), and it took him about a week to settle down and refrain from wanting to hump one of our male dogs. We have three dogs (a senior female and two adult males - Sarang has been particularly persistent and interested in one of the males but has settled down).

Sarang is friendly and outgoing, loves going on walks, and will even pick up his leash when he's ready to go. He's not a clingy dog, but doesn't like to be left alone and may express his feelings through some initial crying, but will settle and lay down after some time. He's happiest with his humans and having the dogs around also helps.

While two of our dogs sleep upstairs in our bedroom, one of them prefers to sleep downstairs, and Sarang sleeps downstairs with him. Sarang alternates between an ottoman in the family room and an open crate in the office.

He's a nice walker and enjoys meeting new people. He does get excited when he sees other dogs and will bark for their attention and pull towards them. Coming face to face with other dogs, he will eagerly say hello with sniffs and be on his way.

He hasn't shown interest in any toys, and I think that's because one of my dogs is a ball/toy hog. When I met him at the shelter, he was interested in the ball. He spent the day with my niece and nephew (3 and 5 years-old) and did fine with them. The five-year-old was petting him and was so happy when he licked her foot, as well as took a treat from her hand leaving behind a little slime on her hand.

Sarang is an ideal companion for all your outings, making him the perfect dog to take everywhere with you.

What Sarang's Rescue Rep Says: We’re looking for a family who can offer Sarang a stable and loving home. He would thrive in an environment where he’s not left alone for long periods, as he cherishes the company of his humans. An active family who enjoys walks and outings would be perfect for him. He’ll be your loyal sidekick and best friend. Cats, probably not, as he did attempt to chase the one he encountered while out on a walk.

Medical: Sarang is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and up-to-date with Rabies, DHPP, and Lepto.

Located In: San Jose.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy please contact Rescue Rep Kris @

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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