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Sarge -- 3-year-old black neutered male Lab

Background: Sarge needed to find a new home as his people, who recently moved from Washington state, were just not able to give Sarge everything he needs. Long work hours combined with a debilitating human injury results in Sarge not getting many walks or exercise. Loss of his roomie dog also stressed out Sarge. Well, we found Sarge a great (single man) adopter a month ago, but Sarge has been exhibiting separation anxiety when his adopter leaves Sarge alone and his adopter has asked us to find Sarge a new forever home.

What Sarge's Original Surrendering Owner Says: We could no longer care for Sarge due to human injury (one spouse) and long work hours (other spouse). Sarge is a happy, loving, playful dog. The recent loss of Sarge’s long-time 4-legged roomie dog pal is clearly stressed Sarge out – combined with a long-distance move. Our inability to get Sarge on a daily walk and exercise schedule prevented Sarge from thriving. Sarge is house-broken. He slept on a dog bed in our bedroom at night. Sarge did not like me to leave and he sat at the front door awaiting my return. Sarge did great with our two cats. He had not been exposed to many other dogs besides his dearly departed shepherd pal. Sarge was not interested in swimming in our pool.

What Sarge's Current Adopter Says: Sarge is a big, very handsome, VERY sweet and strong dog. He is a lover of his family and just wants to be around you all day. He will follow you all day long. He constantly looks for hugs/pets and for you to hold his paw. Sarge really makes a great companion. The good news and bad news is that he wants to be with someone or another dog all the time, as he has separation anxiety. And with that being said, he would do best in a family home and one that there is already another dog. Sarge does not realize his size and strength and could use some work in learning manners and leash skills; he's been getting much better lately! We are working very hard with “sit” and “stay” before entering and exiting outside. Sarge has a tough time "staying", as he wants to be with you. Sarge has a very soft mouth when taking treats. He is house-trained but does not like to be in a crate. He knows basic commands of “sit”, “paw”, “stay” and “out”. Sarge finds it very hard to be left alone inside. He can tend to get anxious and starts to pant and may jump up on the door if you leave. He sleeps very quietly through the night on his dog bed in my room or may move around but stays in the bedroom even when the door is open. He has access to the entire house all day, but really you will find him in the room where you are and loves to nap whenever given the chance. Sarge loves to go for walks. Sarge is very social with people and wants to be everybody's friend. On a rare occasion he has lunged and barked at a new dog he meets but it seems like it is simply that he wants to play with his new friends that he meets. Please note that he does show friendly exuberance to meet almost all dogs, wanting to run and play. He does show he wants to hunt when he sees squirrels.

What Sarge's Rescue Rep Says: Once awesome happy dog. He would love to have his people around a lot. Sarge is becoming more fit at his current foster home and he will benefit from a daily walk and exercise schedule. Cats okay! Pulls a little on leash – might just be out of practice. Sarge's biggest issue is his separation anxiety -- he would do best in a home with one or more other dogs and lots of people.

Medical: In fine health. 95 pounds. Sarge is current on his vaccinations. Heartworm negative. Neutered. Microchipped.

Located In: Brentwood.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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