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SHADOW: 3 year old male black Lab ~73 lbs. not yet neutered

Background: A couple decided to go to a breeder to purchase a Lab puppy. They purchased Shadow and soon realized that a puppy takes a lot of work and more time than they realized. They called Lab Rescue to see if we could find a home for this sweet boy that could give him what he needs. The couple describes him as very energetic and lovable.

What Shadow's Rescue Rep Says: Shadow is a very cute black Lab and still very much an untrained puppy. He spends 9+hours a day in the backyard while his owners are at work. At night, he is brought into the house and crated. He is housebroken. He does know sit, down and shake. He can be a bit mouthy. He loves playing ball. He seems to be fine when he meets other dogs.

Shadow will often try to jump on people. He likes to swim. He does not like fireworks but other loud noises don’t bother him. He does well riding in the car. He does not resource guard and there is no history of any aggression.

Lab Rescue wants an adopter that has experience raising an adult Lab who still needs to learn what he should have learned as a puppy. He definitely is sweet, wants to please and is motivated by treats which helps greatly with training. This will take someone who has the time and willingness to devote to this sweet boy. He should start off being the only dog in the home so he can get the attention and training he needs. Any kids in the home should be 7 and up due to his jumping and sometimes being mouthy.

Shadow will chase birds so has some prey drive.

Medical: Shadow is up to date on rabies and distemper vaccs, Heartworm negative and microchipped. Lab Rescue will coordinate his neuter.

If you are interested in adopting Shadow, please email Liz at AND tell me about your home and why he would be a good fit.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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