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Video: Skye the Speedy Fetcher

Video: Leash Walk With a Tired Skye

Skye 10-month-old female black Lab 55-lb Spayed

Background:Skye is not getting along with the other family dog… even though she’s been with him since she was just a puppy. Her apparent desire to be top dog in the home is causing conflict between the two dogs, and the other dog is not coming out on the winning end.

What Their Owner Says:Skye is playful, hyper and friendly towards people. She also loves to give a lot of kisses. Skye loves to run and play fetch at the dog park but she doesn’t know when to stop. Skye is left outside in the backyard during the day and can be destructive. We take her on walks and take her to the dog park so she can run and chase after tennis balls. We try weekly for the dog park and almost every day for walks. She tends to ignore others dogs when on walks or at the dog park … and focuses mostly on fetch. Skye has started to growl at our other dog when it comes to the water bowl. She has also instigated fights with our own dog. She sleeps in her crate in the house at night. Skye ignores cats most of the time, but tries to catch birds or squirrels if she spots them.

What Our Evaluator Says:Skye greeted me energetic, happy and with a jump. She was laser-focused on the soccer practice going on at the park and wanted ALL the balls. She cried and pulled her owner hard to try and get to the balls and could not take her focus off of getting the balls. Once I walked her away from the soccer practice she did very well. She just needs someone who knows how to train a dog and to teach her how to focus on her owner and not the balls or people around her. When I sat down and ignored her, she came over and wanted attention. Skye let me pet her all over – hips, paws, belly, and ears. She took my treats gently and did not react at all when I moved a bowl of food away from her. When a large group of scooter riders went by, she got very scared and cowered and tried to get under something. We also took Skye into the nearby dog park where only two other dogs were. When one of the dogs greeted her, she was fine but then the dog growled and Skye again cowered and shied away from the dog. Once we took the tennis ball out, she was again laser-focused on getting that ball. She is a typical puppy lab with lots of energy in need of socialization, exercise, and consistent training. Skye is a sweetheart who will make a family that can put in the time with her very happy.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Young and full of energy; Skye is a fabulous handful. Not good for a home with young kids. Presence of another mature/calm/confident dog should be fine. Ideal candidate for training to improve her obedience and confidence. May be okay with cats – we are just not sure.

Medical: Skye is in great health, current on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Located in: Antioch

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