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SOPHIA 6 Year Old Yellow Female 75 Pounds Spayed

Background:Sophia’s owner is allergic to her and it is best to find her a new home. The couple have done a great job with her but one owner is allergic to her and the other owner has started a new business and can’t give the time to Sophia she deserves.

What Sophia's Owner Says:Sophia is a wonderful dog and will make a wonderful addition to your family. She likes to ride in the car, she likes to swim play fetch and comes when called. She is a very sweet kind girl and has a wonderful smile! She understands: drop it, sit, stay, down, come and fetch. She does have some leash issues we are working on as she can be reactive on the leash at times. She goes to the dog park on a regular basis and is fine off leash. She is housebroken and sleeps in her crate at night. She has not had any exposure to cats and has been fine off leash with other dogs. She is a very healthy dog and we have not had any health issues with her. She is an inside dog, she is housetrained and can be left alone with no issues.

What Sophia's Rescue Rep Says: She did not alert baking when the evaluator rang the doorbell. She was very affectionate when the evaluator sat down; she ran over to give kisses. At one point she laid down to ask for a belly rub – a big love bug! There was no resource guarding, she happily dropped a tennis ball for a treat and outside she dropped the ball as she knew it would be thrown again. We would recommend kids 8 and older as she does jump up to try and snatch the treats out of your hand. The owner takes Sophia to the dog park on a regular basis. She did great with all the dogs coming up to greet her at the dog park and she was fine when toys were involved. She can have leash reactivity so an adopter would need to work on her leash skills and pay attention when you are walking her on leash.

Medical: Sophia is updated on her shots, she is spayed and heartworm negative. She has had regular vet visits and has no current health concerns. She would benefit from losing a few pounds.

Located in: Mill Valley

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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