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Video: Teddy bopping around with a golden retreiver pall.

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Teddy -- 18-month-old silver male Lab 60-lb Neutered

Background: First-time dog owners, three small children, full-time jobs for the parents… and a very energetic non-stop young Lab named Teddy. Not ideal. On top of that, Teddy was suddenly reactive with some other dogs (when they came in real close) after he returned from a week with a trainer. The family approached us to find a new forever home for Teddy.

What Teddy's Evaluator Says: Teddy initially barked at me, but then became consumed with the ball when his owner gave it to him. Became more interested in me when Teddy realized I had treats. Took Teddy for a nice long leash walk, and he showed much more interest and engagement with me. Teddy checked in with me often on our walk which was nice; generally calm and easy to walk. I was able to touch Teddy all over; he didn’t really seem to care. Showed no food guarding. Showed no interest in the two dog toys that I brought. There were several dogs off-leash playing ball with their owners as we walked through the park; Teddy show no reaction. We did not have any close-up dog-on-dog encounters.

What Teddy's Current Owner Says: We’ve had Teddy since he was 8 weeks old; we got him from a breeder. Now, with our three young kids, we have come to realize that Teddy needs more room to run and exercise – more than we can give him. Teddy is very sweet to everyone in our family. Absolutely loves to play fetch, has supreme focus while playing catch and has good overall skills for commands. Prior to being nervous and fearful around other dogs, we’d often go on long hikes with him off leash with strong recall. In recent weeks, Teddy has been doing so very much better with other dogs – especially at his doggie day care. Teddy is house-broken and crate-trained. He sleeps in his crate at night. We exercise his 2-3 times each day. Loves to ride in the car. Loves to swim.

What Teddy's Rescue Rep Says: Teddy needs owners that can give him lots of exercise and leadership. Older kids probably fine. A bit too energetic and rambunctious for a home with cats. Will benefit from ongoing positive socialization with other dogs… both on-leash and off-leash. Hikes, pool, beach, great big grassy fields – and humans that are around often – would eb the ideal forever home for Teddy.

Medical: In great health. Neutered, current on vaccinations, and microchipped.

Located in: Mill Valley.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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