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Video: Vince at Sanoma County Animal Services

Video: Leash walk with Vince the dog


Vince the Dog 11-year-old male yellow Lab mix 63 pounds Neutered

Background: Vince was a part of a hoarding case and had been held at a shelter since April. The court case has finally resolved, and so now Vince is finally available to begin his search for a new forever home. We got Vince into a foster home to get him out of the shelter earlier this week, and now need to find him his forever home.

What Vince's Evaluator Says:Vince was not interested in me at all, even with pets and scratches. He did take treats and was very gentle and almost timid. He walked well on the lead, no pulling. He perked up when a dog being walked came down the road by the pen. He seems to be more interested in other dogs than people. A gentle guy. He does seem a bit wobbly on his hind legs. He did seem quite hard of hearing – he might be deaf or limited hearing. He didn't even look with a clap, whistle, but did look our way with a loud clap. Not sure if it was the sound or he was just looking over. There was a lot of activity in the yard next to the pen (trucks and forklifts beeping etc.) and he didn't even look over.

What Vince's Foster Says:Vince has been with us 3 weeks, and his adorable true self is starting to poke through. Where he was once quite aloof and disinterested, he now leans his head against our legs and pushes his head into our hands. He loves to be held and touched. And he likes to put his nose as close to your face as possible without actually touching it. His once red, tired and anxious eyes have softened into warm pools of dark chocolate. He is a noble sort of fellow. Tall and elegant. Quiet and demur. He was once so cricky he had a very slow, awkward gait and dragged his back toe; he’s now showing us his beautiful bounding gallop, thanks to his new arthritis medication. Now, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still qualify as a super napper . He loves to find the softest place to lie down. In front of the fire, on his friend’s dog bed. And oh, the couch, he especially loves the couch and all its glorious cushions. And he likes to sleep many hours day – which is great, he deserves to. He’s extremely gentle with kids, no knocking anyone about from this gentle fellow. He’s been around many kids running amok and couldn’t care less. He keeps out of the fray. So he’s not rambunctious, doesn’t chew things, mark or scratch. In fact he hasn’t exhibited any bad habits yet… fingers crossed! Our 8-yr-old male lab mix Boone give Vince a big paws up! He lets Boone put his paws on him and invite him to play, and though he doesn’t have the agility right now to tear around, he is affable and tries to play along. And he does have his delights. He’s on high alert when squirrels are around, and he’s excited to head out the door for his walks. Sad to see you go.. and happy when you return home. Overall, anyone who is looking for a handsome, gentle, and very quiet (only has barked one time) dog for leisurely walks and a low-maintenance, loving relationship will have hit the jackpot.

What Vince The Dog Says: 6 months at the shelter was boring,
I had to testify as a witness to hoarding.
Day after day, stuck in my cell;
The continual noise and nasty smell.
Thank God, I’m outta that boarding.

  Relaxing now at a foster home,
With another dog who shares his bone.
Great food and soft bed;
This must be heaven instead.
I would tweet my delight if I had an iPhone.

  Word on the street is that I’m a mix.
Lab with foxhound? How’d that be for kicks.
So I wait for great peeps
That want me for keeps
And accept me with all of my licks.

I get better each day like a really fine wine,
Just happy to wait for a forever home to shine.
But don’t wait too long, cause you can’t go too wrong,
So scoop me up and I’ll make it fine.

What Vince's Rescue Rep Says:  A gentle older gent. Presence of another adult dog might be good… No idea how he is with cats. Deserving of a fabulous forever home where he can chill and take nice easy walks around the neighborhood. Warrants a warm fireplace… with the bare feet of his adopters underneath his fur as he snoozes.

Medical: In pretty good health considering his history. Neutered. Heartworm negative. Current on vaccinations. Microchipped. May 2022 blood panel looks fine. Shelter vet took a closer look at Vince; she doesn’t think he is fully deaf but may have difficulty hearing. He did have a lot of gunk in his ear which we cleaned out. Looks like some dental disease (“multiple extractions are needed”) and probable arthritis. 

Located in: Novato.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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