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Wally 4-month-old male black Lab mix ~30-lb Not yet neutered

Background:Found as a stray in Stockton, this young pup was taken to an emergency vet with what looked like a severe dog bite to his right flank. The emergency vet treated him and transferred him to the Stockton shelter who contacted us. We immediately pulled him and got him to our vet for treatment. He had a raging infection in that bite wound. Further investigation revealed a tear in his abdominal wall and pinched small intestine. Not good! Emergency surgery removed the necrotic tissue on his small intestine and he was patched back up with some major stitching. He has bounced back wonderfully from this surgery… and we expect a full recovery and normal life.

What Wally's Foster Says:Wally is a survivor. We brought him back from the shelter with a big lump on his side and a cone around his head. He looked in our faces and gingerly stepped onto our laps, and just went to sleep. He’s had some of the roughest weeks a young pup could have, and he came through as loving, trusting, and robust as you could hope. For the ten days we’ve had Wally, he’s been a lot of fun, despite his wound. He’s extremely cuddly, and has a squishy face you just have to nuzzle all the time. When we call Wally, he comes running; there’s nothing he loves more than playing with you, and snuggling up in your arms, lap, neck, wherever you’ll let him lie. Housebreaking: He is 50% or more housebroken. He can hold it through the night and is good about waiting and going outside. And although he has had a couple accidents, he has the right instincts, and with consistent training should be housebroken quickly. Although he’s not full retriever, he does love to retrieve! And loves to eat like a lab, sleep like a lab, and love like a lab. He’s also responsive to vocal correction, and is eager to please; he’s looking for that connection with his person. Smart and sweet. Truly a marvel of a pup! Can’t wait to see where his fortune takes him next.

What Wally's Rescue Rep Says: What an ordeal this guy has been through. We have no idea what breeds he is mixed with. His prognosis is great. He is getting along great with his foster’s own dog. No idea how big he will get… but suspect Wally will be a large dog when fully grown.

Medical: Wally just got his stitches out from his recent surgery – looking like a full recovery. 😊 Not yet neutered or microchipped. Not yet fully vaccinated.

Located in: Novato

If you are interested in adopting Wally, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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