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Zoe: ~8-Month-Old Female White Lab 45 lbs, Not Spayed (Lab Rescue will coordinate future spay)

Background:This energetic and sweet pup has been with her family since 8 weeks of age. Zoe has proven to have a lot more energy than her family expected. They were looking for the calmer disposition of an English Lab and Zoe appears to be more American Lab, than English.

What Zoe's Family Says:Zoe would be a great addition to an active social family who loves to be around spirited animals. Zoe's favorite activities are chasing and retrieving tennis balls in the park, playing tug of war, chewing on bully sticks, and cuddling. Zoe is very smart and responds well to training, definitely aims to please, but is still in the puppy phase and requires consistency. This sweet puppy will be an amazing and loyal family member.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Zoe is definitely a puppy that wants to say hello to everyone. The world is so new and exciting to her! When I met her owner at the park, Zoe greeted me with a big smile on her face, jumped up, and was also a little mouthy but calmed and sat once I started petting her.

Zoe is housetrained and crate-trained; she sleeps in a crate through the night.

We’d like Zoe to go to a home that is experienced with Labs and Lab puppies, active and energetic ones. Zoe loves people but she is bouncy and mouthy, which can be disconcerting to small children, so a home with children 10 and up is recommended. Zoe is good with dogs large and small and attends doggie daycare for socialization.

Zoe's new family will need to commit to training and provide a consistent routine with love and exercise. Because of the extra time, care, and attention puppies require, we will be looking at families who can fulfill this commitment. Zoe will flourish with an active family!

Medical: Zoe is current on vaccinations and is on regular flea/tick/heartworm preventatives. She had some pain in her neck at the end of March, was put on an anti-inflammatory, and is now pain-free and back to normal. Lab Rescue will coordinate her future spay with her adopter.

Located in: Morgan Hill

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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