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Video: Hanging out with Zuma.

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Zuma – 3-year-old chocolate male Lab 75-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: His human family needed to move, at short notice, to Texas. Zuma retorted, "And leave my friends and favorite bones behind? No way!" Zuma said the climate, food, and culture is so much better here in California. He asked if they could leave him behind; which they said they could and would. Zuma is so much happier now. [Good decision, Zuma]

California, yes, I stay. Right here where I am today. Back where hound dogs romp all day way out in green grass. Lots of walks and happy talks; toys a-squeakin' and everything, a bone-kissed mist said don't be late. That's why I feel really great. Open up that Golden Gate. California, here I stay! Woof!

What Zuma's Foster Says: No need to call the paw patrol for help, Zuma is already a very good boy. From the moment he came into our home, it is clear Zuma has been very well loved. He loves attention and snuggles, and is the least food-motivated Lab I've ever met (and a seemingly picky eater, but maybe that's just because he's still getting settled). His love for attention and affection will help him with further training. Despite mostly living in a garage/yard in his past, he hasn't had an accident inside our home and isn't doing any marking either. Zuma is incredibly respectful of my 4-year-old son and will sit or lay down when he comes near my son. He knows several commands already (sit, off, no, shake, wait). Zuma will need further training on a leash (a harness helps!), and lots of play time to get his energy out too; he very much wants to be a lap dog (and will probably sleep on the beds/couch if you let him, but waits to be asked to do things like going up our stairs and hasn't tried to get on the couch himself yet). Zuma will make an amazing addition to any family. If we were more prepared for a permanent dog of our own again at this moment, we would adopt him.

What Zuma's Rescue Rep Says: Warning: this could be one of the greatest chocolate Labs ever up for adoption. Great with kids. Fine with other dogs. No idea how Mister Z is with kitty cats. Deserves a family where he will be the star attraction. Zuma's adopters need to have a robust training and exercise plan to meet Zuma's need and wants.

Medical: Zuma is in great health; headed to our vet soonest for a complete checkup. Still needs to be neutered.

Located In: Danville.

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