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Video: Molly meandering around Diesel Ranch.

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Video: Molly relaxing on the couch.

Video: More of Molly wandering around Diesel Ranch.

Molly 6-year-old female white/brown greyhound mix 85 pounds Spayed

Background: Molly was born into the Lab Rescue family in early 2018. Her mom "Snow" had joined our program as a very pregnant "Lab mix" (?)... and Molly was born at a Lab Rescue foster home. Turns out that Snow was likely much more Great Pyrenees (and other breeds) than Lab. Well, Molly was adopted to a gentleman in the north bay where she lived for the next six years. Molly's owner recently died and the family asked if we could take Molly back into our program to find her a new forever home.

What Molly's Foster Says: Molly is my shadow at times. She wants to be where I am. Happy to hang out when I am working out in the yard. Delighted to lie next to me on the couch. Thrilled to spend the night on my bed. Loves her leash-walks around our neighborhood. House-trained; she will whine to let you know she needs to go outside to take care of her business. Molly is a slow eater -- a bit of a grazer -- very un-Lab-like. Molly is easily spooked by sudden noises and movements and things she is not familiar with. I have not heard her bark once. Pays little attention to my chickens. Inside the house, she gladly lounges the day away on my couch. A bit aloof, Molly does not show much interest in my own Lab "Diesel". Molly is just learning how to play with squeaky toys and rope toys.

What Molly's Rescue Rep Says: We suspect Molly's dad was a greyhound. Cause Molly sure don't look like a Lab or a Great Pyrenees. Molly would do best in a home with a backyard where she can stretch her legs. In her past, she apparently spent significant time in her owner's car parked in the driveway or garage -- she kinda saw it as her safe place. Best that Molly go to a rural or suburban home where things are a bit quiet due to Molly's skittishness.

Medical: In fine health. Spayed and microchipped. Headed to our vet soon for a full check-up and heartworm test.

Located In: Placerville.

If you are interested in adopting Molly, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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