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Addy: 2 year-old Black Purebred Lab female, 65 lbs

Background: Addy’s family got her from a professional breeder as a puppy. She is a gorgeous girl with classic Lab looks. The family situation has unfortunately changed and they are no longer able to keep Addy. GGLRR has been entrusted to find this sweet girl a loving new home.

What Addy's Owner Says: Addy is a sweet, high energy girl. She’s high-spirited (as many young Labs are), but is starting to calm down. She is housebroken and crate trained. She likes to chill out and sleep in her crate. She knows basic commands - sit/down/stay/come. No resource guarding and I can take a bone away from her. She enjoys running in the yard and playing with her canine siblings. She also enjoys searching for things with her nose. She’s extremely smart and can be an escape artist - she has figured out how to open gates, kennel doors, bedroom doors, and X-pens. She can be nervous meeting new people and dogs, and we are working with a trainer on her leash reactivity.

What Addy's Trainer Says: Addy is undersocialized but she is doing great in her training sessions. She can be fearful in new situations but responds well to treats, and is happy to take food and check in with you. She needs slow greetings with new dogs and kids. She does great riding in the car. Addy has a zest for life and was so eager and optimistic during our training sessions. She was overjoyed to see us and once she has met you, she will be your friend for life. Though she can react to some unknown dogs on leash, she has some great skills to help her engage with her handler and feel more confident. Plus, she is very food motivated and loves working. Her progress has been great and she is so bright and ready to keep learning about the world and all the good things it has to offer.

What Addy's Rescue Rep Says: Addy barked at me when I approached the gate to her house but was fine with me once I entered and was comfortable with me handling her. She does pull on leash and will need some work on her leash skills. She enjoys playing fetch. Addy will be an amazing dog for a calm and patient owner who can continue her training and slowly introduce her to new things. She would not be a good city dog.

Medical: Addy is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, and on preventatives.

Located In: Kentfield Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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