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Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

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Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

Pepper, 2-year-old Female Silver Lab, Spayed, 60 Pounds

added 3/5/23

She is spayed, housebroken and crate trained. She is generally sweet, very smart and is good with basic obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, heel, drop it, leave it, etc.). She is not a picky eater, is up to date on veterinary care and is in perfect health. Like most labs her age, she is energetic and needs at least one good burst of stimulating activity every day (e.g. a run, a long walk, a good session of fetch).

Unlike most labs, Pepper is fearful of some dogs and strangers. Though she's never seriously hurt anyone, she has a bite history. We've worked with trainers and have made great progress, but haven't been able to completely eliminate her reactive/protective behavior. We have a very busy household with small children and are sadly not well suited for Pepper's temperament.

We're hoping to find her a loving quieter home with owners who have experience managing a protective/reactive dog and who are committed to continuing her training. We're very invested in seeing Pepper live her best life and would be willing to share in the cost of continued training for her.

Please contact Scott for more information.

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Daisy, ~ 2 year old female black Lab mix, is available for adoption

added 12/3/22

Let’s get Daisy into her new forever home!

Daisy ended up pregnant and alone in the Santa Clara County Shelter in San Martin a couple of months ago. She was very stressed when she first arrived but over time she was able to somewhat acclimate to shelter life. The shelter was able to place her in a foster home and she really thrived! Daisy is ready for her new forever home!

Here’s what the foster had to report:

Home: Daisy is potty trained, does not chew, is not destructive, and sleeps through the night. She does not like small spaces (not laundry room or crate) but does like to hang out in the living room. 

Food: Daisy is very motivated and eats well

Kids: She is good with the foster’s 8 yr old son, very calm

Dogs: She met with neighbors’ dog, was very tolerant. The dog was puppy, growled one time. Walks: She’s a great runner, but still not good on the leash and will need work

Other: Daisy’s foster says that Daisy did not do well with her husband or other men that were around. She was very stressed and cowering; her husband could not get close to her. She was terrified of him. It’s possible that she hasn’t been well treated by the men in her past. 

Unique Characteristics: Once Daisy warms up, she wants to love someone and give love. She wants someone she can trust. She’s great in the car, laid in the car calmly.  She loves sand; the foster has a sand pit and Daisy would lay in it for hours. She is very sweet to people that she knows and loves toys. 

Daisy is now spayed and up to date on her shots. If you are interested in Daisy, contact  Alex Vega at the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter at or the shelter phone number 408-686-3900.

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Young female Lab mix “Pumpkin” needs a new home

added 7/24/22

What Pumpkin's Current Owner Says: Pumpkin is located in Oakland and I am moving into a 400 square ft apartment on August 5th where I cannot take Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a puppy left on the side of the road in Texas, where she was rescued by someone who kept her for one month before me. I took her to foster her, but ended upkeeping her and have had Pumpkin for 10 months. Pumpkin is energetic and friendly both with other dogs and people. She seems to do well with kids but has no history with cats. She is housetrained and does not show signs of food aggression. She gets nervous around her leash and tugs. She is scared of a number of things, including car rides. It is likely that Pumpkin was abused. Pumpkin is up to date on her shots. Her last weight was taken in April at 50lb. Pumpkin does have a chronic twitch in her leg. She is healthy now but the vets think she may have had distemper or parvo and that is causing the residual twitch. The twitch doesn't bother her at all. Pumpkin doesn't bark much, but does bark when she plays with other dogs. She has no history of biting anyone.

If you are interested in Pumpkin, please contact Yvette at 510-383-0906 or

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Even with all our volunteers, it costs a lot to save and place ~250 Labs a year. There are costs to bail-out these dogs from the shelters along with vet and temporary kennelling costs when no foster homes are available. Please consider a donation of cash, vehicle, or even your time through volunteering.