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Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

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Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

Bristol (female yellow Lab) and Tango (female black Lab)

added 3/25/23

Tango and Bristol might be 10 yrs old, but because they're Labs, they act like two yr. old dogs. They are both full of energy and are in good health. Bristol had some kidney issues when she first arrived at Lily's Legacy, but we are managing that with diet. They are definitely a bonded pair. They walk together, eat together and sleep together. Best of all, they entertain each other. They walk nicely on the leash and seem to have had some training. Now that they have lost some weight and are getting into tip-top shape, we're sure they will be able to go for long walks and maybe even a hike from time to time. Bristol and Tango are ready to go home.

If you are interested in meeting the dynamic duo, please contact Abbie:

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5-year-old neutered male fox red Lab Clifford (the Big Red Dog)

added 3/25/23

CLIFFORD is a 5 year old, 70 pound, big fox red boy. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Clifford came to us after many weeks in the shelter. He is settling in and making new strides every day. While Clifford was not familiar with toys/balls, he will now pick up a ball, come show it to you, then take it to his bed. When in his bed, he will tuck the blanket up under himself and fall asleep with it in his mouth. He does not chew it, just brings him comfort I guess. When he is not out sniffing around, Clifford is a shadow boxing champ; finding shadows, then pouncing on them. He loves to be on the bed or couch, but has already learned to ask first (giving a little whiny grumble until he gets your attention). He definitely has the lab lean down and loves nothing better than being petted or pretending he is a lap dog. He just really wants to be with his humans, either lounging on the sofa or laying out on the grass in the sun while we work in the yard. He is a very sweet, calm boy. Clifford is not food motivated, so we are working on some alternatives in learning commands. He really enjoys his walks and is getting better every day on the leash. We don’t know how Clifford is with small children or cats.

If you are interested in Clifford, please contact Cathy at or 925-303-0509.

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1-year-old neutered male black Lab mix “Tux”

added 3/25/23

TUX is a year old male lab mix weighing 50 lbs (other half is probably Whippet as he has the longest tail and is quite agile). He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Tux was surrendered due to his owner’s move. Like most young dogs, Tux has high energy and plays hard with his foster's young husky. He quickly learned how to pull a Dog Powered Scooter and loves going for a run around the neighborhood. He is a puller on the lead, but the right harness greatly reduces that. Tucker gets along with the four dogs in his foster's home, including one small dog (20 lbs). Tux is very food motivated, which makes training easier but also lends to an occasional counter surf. Tux is well behaved in the house, going outside when he wants through the doggie doors. He is crate trained, but rarely needs to spend time there. His favorite place to sleep is on his fosters' bed, curled up at their feet. Tucker is a snuggler, loving nothing more than to be next to you and being petted. He is good with small children and has a soft mouth when taking treats. He loves water and jumping through the sprinklers. Tux would do best in a household where there is another young dog, preferably a female, to play with. Cats are a no-no as Tux likes to chase them. Tucker is looking for his forever home with a family who can provide him love and affection as well as training as he learns how to be a great adult dog.

If you are interested in Tux, please contact Janet at 209-712-7547 or

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Zeus is a 5-year-old male Shepherd mix (with Lab, we think) is looking for his forever home

added 3/5/23

This nice dog was found as a stray on Friday Feb. 14th in a parking lot. He was taken to the Animal Care Center on Monterey to determine if he is chipped. The shelter is overcrowded, suffering from a staffing shortage and not taking owner surrenders (and sometimes not even strays) … so, this small group of dog advocates sprang into action to see what they could do to help Zeus.

The family has enjoyed having him as part of their home, family, and neighborhood community. However, a family member in the home is allergic, so they are not able to keep him. It is important for their family member’s health that they find a foster or adoptive home for him as soon as possible. Their circumstances have changed, and timing has become urgent … they need to rehome him by tomorrow (Sun 3/5)

Family who found him / current Foster: Zeus is a very nice dog with people (and he has met several). While he can be vocal on walks when he sees another dog nearby, he's not aggressive. He will chase cats, squirrels and chickens if given the chance (he hasn’t had a chance to try, he’s been on leash when outside when there are other animals). She says he's a really terrific dog, good with her 9-year-old child and with

adults. She says inside (the house) he's a Lab and outside he's more Shepherd. He needs boundaries and training but overall, he's a good dog.

He got out from the backyard, once, via side gate that had not latched fully, visited a neighbor he had met then returned to yard with gate still unlatched. He knows where he is safe and cared for and did not bolt. He is clearly bonding. It makes them incredibly sad to have to move him before a new foster / adoption is secured. Taking him to a shelter will break his heart and theirs.

Please contact Kathryn at 415-216-6266 for more information.

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Pepper, 2-year-old Female Silver Lab, Spayed, 60 Pounds

added 3/5/23

She is spayed, housebroken and crate trained. She is generally sweet, very smart and is good with basic obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, heel, drop it, leave it, etc.). She is not a picky eater, is up to date on veterinary care and is in perfect health. Like most labs her age, she is energetic and needs at least one good burst of stimulating activity every day (e.g. a run, a long walk, a good session of fetch).

Unlike most labs, Pepper is fearful of some dogs and strangers. Though she's never seriously hurt anyone, she has a bite history. We've worked with trainers and have made great progress, but haven't been able to completely eliminate her reactive/protective behavior. We have a very busy household with small children and are sadly not well suited for Pepper's temperament.

We're hoping to find her a loving quieter home with owners who have experience managing a protective/reactive dog and who are committed to continuing her training. We're very invested in seeing Pepper live her best life and would be willing to share in the cost of continued training for her.

Please contact Scott for more information.

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Daisy, ~ 2 year old female black Lab mix, is available for adoption

added 12/3/22

Let’s get Daisy into her new forever home!

Daisy ended up pregnant and alone in the Santa Clara County Shelter in San Martin a couple of months ago. She was very stressed when she first arrived but over time she was able to somewhat acclimate to shelter life. The shelter was able to place her in a foster home and she really thrived! Daisy is ready for her new forever home!

Here’s what the foster had to report:

Home: Daisy is potty trained, does not chew, is not destructive, and sleeps through the night. She does not like small spaces (not laundry room or crate) but does like to hang out in the living room. 

Food: Daisy is very motivated and eats well

Kids: She is good with the foster’s 8 yr old son, very calm

Dogs: She met with neighbors’ dog, was very tolerant. The dog was puppy, growled one time. Walks: She’s a great runner, but still not good on the leash and will need work

Other: Daisy’s foster says that Daisy did not do well with her husband or other men that were around. She was very stressed and cowering; her husband could not get close to her. She was terrified of him. It’s possible that she hasn’t been well treated by the men in her past. 

Unique Characteristics: Once Daisy warms up, she wants to love someone and give love. She wants someone she can trust. She’s great in the car, laid in the car calmly.  She loves sand; the foster has a sand pit and Daisy would lay in it for hours. She is very sweet to people that she knows and loves toys. 

Daisy is now spayed and up to date on her shots. If you are interested in Daisy, contact  Alex Vega at the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter at or the shelter phone number 408-686-3900.

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Beau ~13-year-old male Lab/Chessie mix 65-lbs

added 10/16/22

Background: Found abandoned on the highway, this guy needs to find a new home. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue in Sonoma needs help finding a foster or adoption for this sweet senior Lab-Chessie mix. He is up to date on vaccines, not yet microchipped and not neutered.

Home Life: Beau a senior gentleman who is looking for a nice warm spot to rest his old bones. He came into the shelter obviously missing his family. The shelter staff and volunteers have tried to give him all the love we can, but he is missing a home environment. He loves his walks and enjoys all the pets he can get.

Health:He has his share of health issues due to his age, but he is still active and alert! Vet states he has perianal adenomas but castration could cause them to shrink and go away.

Sleeping: Sleeping inside with family when he gets one/currently takes naps all day long at front desk of shelter

Attributes: Super sweet, loves people, loves attention, but when not being engaged, he will go lay down in his bed and let people attend to tasks they need to attend to. These are the reports from staff and volunteers who have handled him. Knows “sit” and “down”. Housebroken, Crate Trained, Leash Trained. Pretty low energy but still loves his walks. Definitely loves treats, a good petting session and being close to his people. Ignores kitties- he doesn’t see well either; shelter staff states no issues walking past other shelter dogs in kennels; nose to nose with an intact female made him amorous (the attempted humping); and nose to nose with a small dog was happy to see the dog, but the small dog was a bit overwhelmed by his exuberance. Good with older kids (10+). Unknown around younger kids.

Ideal Home: A family to love him and keep him warm and safe, take him on short walks daily and spoil him as much as they can.

If you are interested in adopting Beau, please contact Michelle of Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue at

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Buck -- 2-4-year-old Lab

added 9/8/22

Buck has been at our shelter since March, and though we have had a few people come in to look, he has not had any serious inquiries.

Buck is a happy energetic boy, we are guessing anywhere from 2-4 years old. He came in with another female lab (who has since been adopted) as a stray from a neighboring town.

Buck knows sit, likes to play with toys, and though wary with some people- mainly men- he seems to seek attention and love from all people.

We are assuming he lived with the the other stray brought in with him. We have had him off leash with social female dogs, and he does well. He does not seem to like other male dogs, or rather, any that we have introduced him to from our shelter.

During his first food test, he would not eat around other dogs.

He was tested again two months ago, and he is now unfortunately showing signs of being food aggressive with other dogs- not people. ie growling & lunging.

We believe it is due to his environment (he is not thin) but suggest he be the only dog, or be closely monitored with food/ eat separately.

If you are interested in adopting Buck, please contact Adriana at Fort Bragg Animal Care Services at 707-961-2491 or

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Max: 1 ½ yearold male black Lab mix ~50 lbs, not yet neutered

added 8/25/22

Bacground: This sweet young Lab found himself in foster care after his owner lost his housing and couldn’t take Max with him. Max is your typical young dog: bouncy, fun, lots of energy. He’s tall and lanky, good with other dogs large and small. He knows sit, lay, park, rides and want a treat. He’s a smart dog and learns quickly. Max is housebroken. Max has never shown any signs of aggression with humans or dogs. When it comes to cats, he’s a bit iffy but we think he could learn to respect them.

What Max's Foster says: Max is an amazing dog loves the park car rides and walks he could be very verbal at times which I find very funny. He’s also an amazing guard dog, loves toys and his treats. Max could be very independent at times but also has his loving, cuddling side.

Medical Information: Max is up to date on his shots, but not yet neutered.

Located In: Modesto

If you are interested in Max, please contact Janet at 209-424-6301 or email In your email, please tell me about yourself and why you would be a good fit for Max.

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Young female Lab mix “Pumpkin” needs a new home

added 7/24/22

What Pumpkin's Current Owner Says: Pumpkin is located in Oakland and I am moving into a 400 square ft apartment on August 5th where I cannot take Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a puppy left on the side of the road in Texas, where she was rescued by someone who kept her for one month before me. I took her to foster her, but ended upkeeping her and have had Pumpkin for 10 months. Pumpkin is energetic and friendly both with other dogs and people. She seems to do well with kids but has no history with cats. She is housetrained and does not show signs of food aggression. She gets nervous around her leash and tugs. She is scared of a number of things, including car rides. It is likely that Pumpkin was abused. Pumpkin is up to date on her shots. Her last weight was taken in April at 50lb. Pumpkin does have a chronic twitch in her leg. She is healthy now but the vets think she may have had distemper or parvo and that is causing the residual twitch. The twitch doesn't bother her at all. Pumpkin doesn't bark much, but does bark when she plays with other dogs. She has no history of biting anyone.

If you are interested in Pumpkin, please contact Yvette at 510-383-0906 or

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Buddy: 1-year-old Lab/Boxer Mix

added 12/31/21

Buddy is a 13 month old 3/4 lab, 1/4 boxer mix. He is a very sweet boy with lots of energy. He has a great temperament and just wants to cuddle and be around people. He likes to play chase with other dogs. He barks when people ring the doorbell, but as soon as they give him a pet, he is good. "His bark has no bite" He was just diagnosed with juvenile cataracts. He is not yet blind but will be eventually. He needs someone who has the time and resources to guide him through this journey. Please help me find a good home for Buddy.

Maria Morrish 310-749-4816

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