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Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

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Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

TY (short for Tyberius) -- 7-8 month old male Lab/Shep mix pup 49 lbs

added 6/12/24

Background: He's tall, fairly thin, gangly and has big paws. He's sooo cute! Ty came into the Stockton shelter with his 2 brothers as strays. Ty is a shy boy but will warm up given a little time. Ty was leery about coming in the house as well as walking through doorways but has become comfortable following his foster's lead and knowing it's ok to do so. He's decided the place to be is laying on the couch next to his fosters for some together time 🥰 Ty walks well on a harness and looks forward to his walks. Ty has the cutest bounce in his step when he gets going! While on his walks he likes to sniff different objects along the way and watch the goings on in the park. He's learning to play w toys and likes to relax on the lawn, sniff the air and listen to the neighborhood sounds. He likes car rides and playing with his dog friends! Ty is an overall sweet, easy going boy who wants to be loved. He is housebroken and learning obedience. Come and meet him!

If you are interest in Ty, please contact Cathy at 925-303-0509

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Stan -- 9-year-old male yellow Lab

added 5/25/24

Background: STAN THE MAN! If you are a lover of the classic yellow lab personality, Stanley is your guy! Don’t let the white face fool you. Even though he is approximately 9 years old, Stan brings lots of labby energy and enthusiasm to each moment of his day. He is an absolute joy to have around with his happy and goofy approach to life. Stan came from the Merced Shelter severely emaciated; however, the hard times Stan evidently had been living did not daunt his big heart and spirit. He has been able to immediately adapt to different foster homes and seems very grateful to be rescued. He combines a mellow and lovable disposition when inside with lively energy outdoors! Stanley is a typical big guy, very gentle and doesn’t bark much. He loves to be wherever you are and put his head on your lap. He is housebroken and uses a dog door. Although he may be 9 years old, he is a very active dog who loves to run around, have adventures and lots of fun walks. He gets along with all dogs but does NOT like cats. He travels great in car or SUV, will happily chew marrow bones and is highly treat motivated. Stanley would make a wonderful addition to any family! EVERYONE that meets Stanley loves him! YOU'VE JUST GOT TO MEET HIM! Please consider giving this sweetheart a new forever home

If you are interested in Stan, contact Carolyn at 916-768-7737.

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Black and CJ Silver Labs -- 1 Year Old 2 males ~60 pounds Not yet neutered. They are not bonded and can be adopted separately.

added 5/23/24

Background:These boys are being surrendered to Lab Rescue by a family in Tuolomne County who bred the parents and had a litter of 11 Lab puppies in March of 2023. The litter have been genetically tested as Chocolate. 8 of the littermates were sold, while Black, CJ, and Shep still remain.

What Their Family Says: CJ went away for 10 days and lived with a family that had two children under 6. He got returned after the husband was diagnosed with MS. I don't know what happened there but his personality changed. He was a happy, playful, well rounded pup, but when he returned, he was different. He is still playful with us but is skittish with strangers. He will warm up to people, but they have to take things slow. He likes all my children and craves the attention. He will bark when crated if he needs something: potty, water or sometimes just attention. There was a second family that had wanted CJ after he came back, but unfortunately the little boy who had chosen him passed away before he could have his heart surgery and the mom couldn't take him after losing her son.

CJ is full of energy and needs someone willing to give him attention. He is more vocal than his siblings. He loves to fetch and will try to make his siblings chase him for things. He is a quick learner and seems very intelligent.

Shep went to live with an older woman in Alameda for 1 week. She returned him because he had separation anxiety and would bark if left alone. She was working at home but had just been informed she would have to return to the office full time and didn't want to put in the time to work with him. He seemed sad and would sit at our fence waiting for her, so we decided to pair him with Black who had never left us. They have since shared a large sized crate together. If someone has their heart set on two dogs, I would pair Shep and Black.

Shep is a big boy and loves getting his hips scratched and rubbed. He doesn't fetch and will only retrieve sometimes. We walked him on a gentle lead and he did ok. It took him the longest to learn to sit, but he's sitting now.

Black loves to press against you when you pet him. He will come and look for reassurance from us when he is unsure of something. For example, the first time he saw and heard the garbage truck, he ran back to us and sat near us until he was told it was okay. He loves to fetch and will drop things at your feet. He was one of the first to learn to sit. He has gone on walks using a gentle lead. Black loves to play with the hose and will jump into the stream of water.

WE LOVE THEM ALL, but can't have 6 dogs (we already have three) and it's not fair to them since we are unable to devote the time and attention they desperately need.

These boys will require work as they are presently living in a rural area without exposure to other dogs and unfamiliar people (human strangers). However, they did okay meeting our tester dog and are accustomed to the parents and children (17, 13, 11, and 6 years) of their current family. We are looking for experienced adopters who are around a lot in order to attend to the needs of a young dog and can provide more attention, training, and socialization. We think they would do better in a quieter, suburban environment. Each will need leash work. It will be important to take things slow, especially with CJ as he seemed to be the most skittish; he barked at our volunteer who went out to meet/evaluate, but after approximately 15 minutes, calmed down, took treats, and allowed her to pet him. Obedience/training class with other dogs should be part of the plan.

Located In:Twain Harte

Please contact Edith +1 (209) 352-1667 for more informarion.

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Archie -- ~10-month-old Lab/Golden retriever mix.

added 4/18/24 - Updated 5/24/24

Archie is approximately 70lbs. Archie’s favorite thing to do is play with other dogs! He enjoys chasing and being chased. He will wrestle around and loves to play tug and ball. He is great playing with smaller dogs too! We would like to see Archie go to a home with a resident dog that enjoys playing.

Archie has nice house manners. He’s house broken, can sleep in a large enclosure through the night, but he’d really rather sleep with you. He’s an awesome snuggler! He has been practicing sitting to ask for what he wants like being let out or in and he can wait patiently for his meals. Archie is a strong pup and is working on good leash manners and being a good canine citizen. He will need continuing work to walk politely on leash.

Archie can be apprehensive when meeting new people. However, he has shown that he can warm up when introductions are done properly. His fosters are also dog trainers and will teach any adoptive family how to make sure Archie can be successful with human introductions.

Archie’s been working on a solid recall and has ventured into the water to play with his foster siblings. Archie loves adventuring and would love an active family to explore the great outdoors with.

If you are interest in Archie, please contact Cathy 925.303.0509, Central Cal Lab Rescue

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Maggie, a 2-year-old and 45 lb Labrador Retriever mix who is as sweet as can be!

added 3/29/24

Her foster says this sweet girl loves to cuddle, and is very affectionate. Maggie is very curious and excited when meeting new people, and does well with other dogs.

This love-bug is improving everyday in the house-training department, only having had a handful of accidents indoors since arriving at her foster home. While on a walk, Maggie tends to pull on the leash but responds very well to the gentle leader.

Maggie would benefit from continued training and socialization to refine her skills and become the best dog she can be. And of course the commitment and love she deserves. (GPS)

While awaiting her forever home, Maggie would love a foster.

Available through Rocket Dog Rescue Contact Georgia 415-717-8296

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Darcy, Female Golden Retriever/possibly Lab mix, ~ 1year old, 63 pounds, is available for adoption!

added 3/27/24

This sweet girl is located at the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter in San Martin. She is very sweet, curious and loves to be brushed. She doesn’t have much training like to sit or stay. Her walking on leash is okay, but will occasionally pull or flop on the floor. Darcy starts off as a shy and fearful dog when you first meet her, but once she knows you, she opens up and runs zoomies around you. She is burst of fresh air on a boring day. She is still learning her basic commands of stay and sit. But she is interested in seeking attention and going out on her daily walks. If you’re looking for a heart of gold, look no further Darcy is your girl!

Darcy weighs approximately 63 pounds, is up to date on her shots, and was recently spayed. She is ready to go to her forever home!

If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, contact Alex Vega at the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter, tel: (408) 686-3900 or visit their adoption center located at 12425 Monterey Rd in San Martin anytime during open hours (12-6pm weekdays, 12-5 pm weekends). No appointment is necessary and there is no pre-application process. Tell them you are interested in Darcy, her number is A115893.

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Ollie 11-12 Months, Female, Lab/Pyrenees, 85 pounds, Spayed

added 3/2/24

We took Ollie in after she kept coming around our farm. We have gotten her fixed and her shots. She is a lovely dog. Wonderful with our 4 year old son and our golden retriever. Unfortunately she doesn’t stay within the boundaries of our farm and without the proper fencing she needs, we are constantly worried she will get hit by a truck or picked up by animal control. She needs a home with a fully fenced yard.

She is truly a lovely dog. It is crushing that we have to find her a new place to live but she absolutely needs a place with a fence. It’s just not safe for her to roam and she absolutely is a roamer.

Again she is lovely! But, our place just isn’t safe for her.

If interested in Ollie, please call Paige at 323-979-8345. She is located in Lodi, CA.

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