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Dog Food advisory

Dangerous levels of Vitamin D in some dog foods.Read more.

Dogs Bond Event

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Senior/Special Needs Fund

We are inaugurating a new fund designed to help with the expenses associated with rescuing senior, special needs and dogs that have chronic illness. Increasingly, we are seeing senior dogs and those that have chronic conditions that have gone untreated, being surrendered, dumped at shelters, or abandoned. Due to the shortage of space, most shelters will not put dogs with even minimal health issues up for adoption. The cost of treating these dogs is prohibitive on their limited budgets and they are not able to re-coup their costs through the adoption fees.

Lab Rescue wants to be able to save more of these dogs, to get them the treatment they need and adopt them out to new homes where they will be loved and receive the care they need to remain happy and healthy. These dogs may have diabetes, Addison's disease, epilepsy or other chronic conditions, including severe allergies, that can be managed with regular vet care and (often inexpensive) medications.

We hope you will be inspired by the stories of the wonderful Labs we have been able to save and adopt to their forever families with your generous help.

To donate, please follow the instructions on the Donation page and designate "Senior / Special Needs Fund"


Upcoming 2024 Events

GGLRR Pet Fair

April 20th Virtual Pet Fair - CANCELLED

May 4th Redwood City Pet Fair - CANCELLED

May 18th GGLRR Board Meeting 9:00am

June 15th San Jose Pet Fair

June 29th Virtual Pet Fair

Aug 3rd Redwood City Pet Fair

Aug 17th Virtual Pet Fair

Aug 31st San Jose Pet Fair

Sept 7th Redwood City Pet Fair

Oct 5th GGLRR Board Meeting 9:00am

Oct 19th Novato Pet Fair

Nov 23rd San Jose Pet Fair / Santa Photos 11-3

Nov 30th Novato / Danville Santa Photos 11-3

Dec 3rd Giving Tuesday

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