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We are delighted to get updates from our adopters about Labs who have found their forever homes. Our Success Stories will touch your heart with the happy ending tales of Labs recently adopted from GGLRR.

Lab Rescue Overview

GGLRR is an all-volunteer, nonprofit tax-exempt organization in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.  We've been placing unwanted Labs in loving homes since 1986! Our Lab Rescue team saves purebred Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes from shelters, as well as assists people giving up their dogs for adoption.  We provide foster homes, veterinary care, and rehabilitation when needed, and place them with loving, forever families.

While GGLRR focuses on rescuing and rehoming Labrador Retrievers, some of our dogs are Lab mixes. Sometimes we know what they are mixed with; most times we do not. We may even have a dog up for adoption that has some physical resemblance of a Lab but turns out not to be a Lab at all (per a DNA analysis performed by the adopter). We endeavor to rescue/rehome Lab mixes that look mostly like a Lab and have the personality/temperament of a Lab. The younger a dog is, the more difficult it is to tell how “Labby” a dog will be when it is fully grown. We realize that people come to us to adopt a Lab. GGLRR cherishes the opportunity to provide new forever homes for all of the dogs that come into our program.

We serve the greater San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose Bay Area (including up to Napa) and encompass the following counties:  Santa Clara County, San Francisco County and Marin County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, parts of Sonoma County, Napa County, and Solano County, and Contra Costa County.

Please read about adoption options and process on our how to Adopt page and see Labs looking for homes under Labs Available.

Show your support of lab rescue by shopping in our GGLRR logo and Lab merchandise Store. Profits from our product sales go towards helping more homeless Labs.

GGLRR rescues ~250 Labs each year but the need is far greater with so many people losing jobs and homes or other reasons for abandoning their dog. If you want to help Labs in need, please consider adopting a rescue/shelter dog, making a Donation of cash/vehicle, or donating your time as a Volunteer. GGLRR and the Labs we rescue are very appreciative of all the tremendous support we receive -- thanks to the people and businesses who are contributing their time, services, and money!


GGLRR Mission

GGLRR exists to:

Essentially GGLRR facilitates the placement of unwanted Labrador Retrievers into loving new homes. We have a spay/neuter requirement for all dogs that we place. If a dog has been abused or needs medical attention, we provide emotional and medical rehabilitation. Individuals who desire to adopt Labrador Retrievers must first contact one of our rescue representatives for adoption screening before being introduced to any of our dogs. Our primary purpose is to provide good homes for Labrador Retrievers who might otherwise be abandoned or euthanized by their previous owners. Through education, we seek to reduce the unwanted dog population and increase responsible pet ownership.

Hear About Lab Rescue from our Board Members / Reps

Listen to Rescue Rep. Dave Ely talk about GGLRR and his experiences with saving Labs on the Pawprint podcast. Click for the podcast.

Watch Liz Frome talk about her 20+ years of volunteering with GGLRR in this YouTube video.