Surrender / Rehome your Labrador

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment, but we know sometimes life circumstances happen that make it impossible to keep your Lab. We certainly hope you don't take your dog to a shelter where his chances aren't good so here are some options to help.

Please allow plenty of time to find a new home for your Lab, especially if it's older, a mix, or has medical or behaviorial issues. There are so many homeless Labs and not enough families to adopt them.

Surrendering Your Labrador to GGLRR

If you reside in our Northern California service area and have a purebred Lab without any major health/behavior issues that would make it difficult to find a new owner, we may be able to assist you in placing your dog for adoption. Keep in mind that we never have enough foster homes for all the Labs in need, and use them primarily to save the most adoptable Labs at risk of euthanasia in the shelters so we often can't foster Labs we are helping place for the owners. If you wish to surrender the placement of your Lab through GGLRR, contact one of our re-homing specialist volunteers in your area code.

When you call, our Rescue Representative will ask you for detailed information about your Lab including age, gender, spay/neuter status, medical history, training/behavior, and much more.  In addition, the representative can answer any questions you may have.  Please be prepared to email GGLRR current photos of your Lab. If all sounds good, the GGLRR Rep will come meet your Lab in person to evaluate his/her adoptability and whether we can accept them into our program. If your Lab is accepted, we will market him/her to the many people coming to GGLRR looking for a Lab including our email list of pre-approved adopters waiting for the right Lab. 

We ask for a minimum $100 donation to our non-profit organization when you surrender your Lab to be re-homed by our Rescue volunteers (after we evaluate and accept your Lab).

Mail cash/checks to:

GGLRR - Lab Placement
268 Bush Street #4322,
San Francisco, CA 94104.

If you live outside of our service area, please contact another Rescue Organization nearer your home such as those under Resources.