Labrador Info, Links & Resources

There is a reason Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in America.   You probably have met many Labs or previously been loved by one.  Here are some of the many resources available to get to know the Labrador breed better, from different colors to American/field versus English/show body styles.

Having Trouble Affording Vet Expenses?

Dog ownership is a serious commitment of both time and money. Unfortunately, sometimes personal situations change and people feel they can no longer afford their dog. Before giving up your dog to join the many others looking for homes, please check out this information about financial assistance resources posted by the Humane Society at Having Trouble Affording Your Pet and their current list of organizations that can help.

Here are a few of the organizations that can help:

Keep in Touch with GGLRR

Hopefully you have called your area’s Rescue Representative by now listed on our who to Contact page to learn how to get on our notification list for new dogs available for adoption.  

GGLRR emails a monthly e-newsletter and publishes a printed newsletter once or twice a year for our donors and adopters. The purpose of the newsletter is to appraise our friends and benefactors of our progress and activities. Sign-up at the bottom of every web page of our site.

You can also follow-up on various social media platforms such Facebook and Twitter. See links to our latest communications vehicles at the bottom of every web page on

Other Rescues and Shelters

Lab in a shelterGGLRR’s website provides links to other rescue groups and shelters to help you find a Lab whether from our rescue organization or another. It’s all about finding homes for Labs-in-need and matching people with just the right Lab! Many of these sites have excellent search capabilities so you can specify your preferred breed (Labrador Retriever!), age, sex, and location. 

Having Fun with Your Lab!

Labs in going to Dog and Pony RanchThere are so many fun things to do with your rescued Lab and helpful websites to give you ideas to get the most out of your time together. Travel doesn't have to mean leaving your dog at home since there are many dog-friendly options now. Here are a couple of sites to check out from business who support GGLRR and rescue efforts.