Volunteer Youth Program

If you want to share your love for Labradors, join the next generation of Lab Rescue volunteers!

Our volunteer youth program is a great way to learn about rescue while promoting Lab Rescue’s mission of providing educational services to the public, promoting responsible dog ownership, promoting humane treatment of Labs, and educating dog owners about training, spay/neuter and good canine citizenship!

Youth volunteers develop leadership skills, may earn community service learning hours, gain experience in working with rescue labs, and add valuable skills and knowledge to list on job and college applications.

There are a variety of ways to volunteer. Find what interests you from the list below then send us an email at labrescuesfbayarea@gmail.com. A volunteer will contact you within a couple of days.

If you want to be a buddy at Pet Fairs, there are a variety of ways to help:

If you want to volunteer in our office:

Ways to help Lab Rescue at your school:

We’re looking to our next generation of Lab Rescue volunteers, like you, to reach a time when no more Labs need to be rescued.  Thanks for your interest in Lab Rescue’s Volunteer Youth Program!