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Barney -- ~1-year-old male black Lab mix 70-lbs Neutered

Background: This youngster was found as a stray in Oakland... and was very scared and shutdown at the shelter. The shelter was unable to handle him or examine him due to his skittishness. With the help of tasty pieces of a freshly-roasted chicken from Nob Hill Foods and some patience, we were able to gain his acceptance and get him out of the shelter into a vehicle for transport to a foster home. He is currently thriving beyond our wildest expectations.

What Barney's Foster Says: What a delightful young pup. Barney has come such a long way since his "escape" from the shelter. Initially, he was a recluse in his x-pen in my dining room, avoiding all contact. Now, he is engaging, friendly, and playful. Gets along great with his 4-legged roomies, Theo and Diesel. Barney sleeps through the night on his dog bed in my bedroom. We're going on leash walks in the neighborhood and he loves walking with the other dogs. When I am working out in the yard, Barney is happy to lie down and supervise. Rides great in the car -- quick to jump in to see where we are going. Barney takes meeting new people slow and cautious -- a few treats goes a long way to winning Barney over. Not a big barker. House-trained. He is still learning about the big world around him. Loves meeting other dogs -- and romping with them! He is quite curious about my chickens -- not in a good way.

What Barney's Rescue Rep Says: We think Barney is a Weimaraner/pointer/Lab/shepherd/hound mix. Will need lots of slow, steady, and calm handling. Can be a bit standoffish at first when he initially meets people, but soon learns they are not a threat. Not a good fit for a family with children due to his skittishness with humans. Would be great for him to join a family with an existing dog that can show Barney the ropes. Probably not a good apartment dog. Hoping to find Barney a home where his peeps area around a lot. No idea how Barney would be with cats.

Medical: In great health. Current on vaccinations and microchipped. Neutered. Heartworm negative.

Located In: Placerville (but we are happy to arrange a rendezvous closer to SF Bay area for a meet-up).

If you are interested in adopting Barney, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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