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Buddy 7 Month Old Yellow Lab Not-Neutered
(Lab Rescue will work with the adopter to get him neutered.)

Background: Lab Rescue got a call as the dog’s owner had passed away and the person who had the two dogs could not keep them. He had a litter of puppies and his roommate fell in love with the two boys. He kept them but unfortunately he passed away all of a sudden.

Buddy: Buddy (Bubdee) is the shy one. When I went into the yard he was interested but quickly moved away. He was very interested to check me out, but on his terms. I started to play with Sparky and I became more interesting to him. Took him a little time to warm up, by the end of the time I was there he did let me scratch under his neck. He is the submissive one to Sparky - they run and play fetch, but if they get to the ball at the same time Buddy will let Sparky have it. Sweet, sweet boy! When it was time to leave he sat nicely at the gate and didn't try to dart out. He does not jump up on you.

Sparky (has been adopted) is the more energetic one, but he is not over the top. Loves to play fetch he will on occasion bring it back to you. He is the more assertive of the two and sometimes pushed his way in for attention. He is mouthy, but if you tell him OUCH he will stop immediately and sit in front of you. The only time I heard him bark was when he was trying to get Buddy to play and chase him. He also sat nicely at the gate and didn't try to escape. He did jump up, but not on me.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: We think it best to separate the two dogs. They are very nice dogs and want to please. They can be in a home with another dog but not a dog that is not tolerant of puppy energy. Both dogs are housebroken but in their current foster home they have had some accidents but part of that is learning the new routine. They are crate trained and they will sleep through the night in the crate. They love to ride in the car, love the water, love other dogs and do not chew on non-dog items. They are in a foster home with another dog and they are doing well. They know some commands: Wait; Sit, Stay, Down, Come; Off and are pretty easy going dogs.

Medical: Both dogs are up to date on their shots and do not have any medical issues. Lab Rescue will coordinate their neuter.

Located In: Discovery Bay

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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