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Video: Hanging at the park with Canela.

Video: A hello from Canela.

Canela -- 9 years old Female Chocoale Lab 70 pounds Spayed

Background: This lovable, well trained 9-year-old lab needs a home that can give her the love, attention and adventures she so deserves. Her family is crushed that they have to rehome her but due to unforeseen circumstances and despite their best efforts they cannot keep her and want a better life for her.

What Canela's Owner Says: Canela is a very loving and sweet dog who only wants to be loved on. She loves going on adventures and does well off leash for those adventures. She may not look or act like a guard dog, but rest assured she will let you know if there is someone outside. However, she is all “bark” because she LOVES people. She has done very well around my infant son. When she is relaxed, she is the best pillow you could ask for and will lay on the couch with you all day watching movies if you let her. She really is the “good-est” dog.

What Canela's Rescue Rep Says: Who is the lucky family that is going to get this sweet, friendly and lovable lady? Canela is one big chunk of chocolate love who was very excited to meet me and say hello. She was jumpy but didn’t put her paws on me. We were fast friends and Canela happily walked with me to smell all the smells at the park. Canela is very attached to her owner and cried and pulled hard to get back to her. We are looking for an adopter or family that can be patient with Canela as she acclimates to her new home and establishes her place in the pack. Canela does suffer from separation anxiety, but we feel that part of her anxiety is that she isn’t getting enough exercise, and she isn’t able to be inside and follow her people around. This is due to the other dog in the home, not because of Canela.

Canela is house trained and crate trained. She used to have a dog door and did very well with that. Canela gets along well with other dogs and can easily go to the dog park. She met my dog totally fine and though you could tell she wanted to play she was apprehensive and kept going back to her owner and baby to make sure it was ok. Canela loves to play fetch, go on adventures and swim. She is great around kids and adults. She is fantastic off leash, stays close, doesn’t chase or bark at things going by (even motorcycles and scooters.) However, her adopters will need to ensure that strong trust and pack leadership is established before she is let off leash. Canela is in great health with lots of life and love left to give. If you are looking for a dog to go on adventures with and keep you company or a family dog to play with your kids, then Canela is the dog for you.

Medical: Canela is in good health and current on vaccinations. She does need a heartworm test.

Located In: Rio Vista Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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