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Video: Cupcake showing off her fetch skills.

Video: Cupcake on a leash walk at her foster home.

Video: Cupcake romping off leash with a rottie.

Cupcake ~9-month-old female black Lab mix 40-lbs Not yet spayed

Background: Yet another young dog found as a stray on the streets of Contra Costa County. No one came looking for her at the shelter. She requested to join the Lab Rescue program by passing her evaluation with flying colors... and we were delighted to take her in.

What Cupcake's Foster Says: Cupcake is a sweet, petite, black Lab mix with a streak of white “frosting” from her chin to her chest and some white splattered on her toes. She is a very mellow girl, but still basically a young pup, lacking basic commands and training. She has settled in to our home with ease, sleeping quietly through the night in her crate, housetrained and enjoying fetching a ball in the backyard and playing with toys or a bone in the house. Not a puller on leash, Cupcake enjoys exploring at the park each morning and an afternoon walk around the neighborhood. While she doesn’t yet know any commands, she is very deferential to her humans and takes direction (or re-direction) very well. Cupcake is getting along well with our older lab at home and is very curious and excited to meet other dogs of all shapes and sizes with no issues so far. She likes to meet people as well but does need to learn not to jump up. She is underexposed to the world so is cautious and surprised by new sounds and experiences, and it is fun to introduce her to new things. Aside from jumping up on people, she does seem to think it is ok to jump on the furniture, and is still exploring the world a bit too much with her mouth, chewing on unauthorized things like socks, shoes, wood, etc. She has not consumed anything she shouldn’t, but valuable things need to be guarded until she learns what she is allowed to put in her mouth. A gem of a dog, Cupcake is a wonderful small Lab with a very sweet personality, perfect for a family that would like a smaller dog with a big Lab personality.

What Cupcake's Rescue Rep Says: Skip the soup. Pass on the salad. Who needs a stinkin' entree? Goes right for the dessert! This sweet delight showcases all that is yummy in a young dog. Cupcake will need solid human guidance to learn the basics; obedience class would be great for her. She would love to live with another dog of equal size and energy. No idea how Cupcake is with cats. Her size is wonderful for folks in search of a smaller dog -- we don't think she'll grow to more than 50 pounds. No idea what she is mixed with. Who wants a Cupcake?

Medical: Healthy, Current on vaccinations. Microchipped. Will soon be spayed.

Located In: El Cerrito.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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