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Dominic -- 10+-year-old black male Lab mix 70-lbs Neutered

Background: Dominic's owner recently died, and his caretaker has asked us to find him a fabulous new home. Dominic has lived as an outside dog for the past few months.

What Dominic's Former Caretaker Says: My friend passed away in March and I have been trying to find a home for his dog since then. I believe he is a 12-years-old. I think Dominic has lost some weight since he's been with me; his prior owner had fed him way too much people food. Dominic loves to go on walks. Not sure if he is housebroken. He loves to play with other dogs. He doesn't show any possessiveness over food or toys, but he really hates to give up his growling, just a stubborn old man. We play ball with Dominic in our backyard and he loves to play with and chase my grandson. Likes to chase cats, but does not harrn them.

What Dominic's Evaluator Says: Dominic is probably 10-12 years old. Dominic is very engaging and friendly. Loves being touched and petted. Let me touch and poke/prod him all over. No food guarding -- for both dry kibble (which he wasn't really interested in) and wet canned dog food (which he gobbled right down). Not interested in squeaky toy. Pulls on leash (with flat collar). Did fine with my dog Diesel. Videos from caretaker showed Dominic hanging out just fine with little dogs. Dominic is definitely a mix... I see Lab and possible Rottie -- I think Dominic is a mix of multiple breeds... A little bit of a drooler.

What Dominic's Foster Says: What a nice, affectionate dog. If you have a lap, he wants to climb up into it. Rides great in the car. Loves going on walks, but kinda meanders all over the place. Sleeps through the night with nary a peep. Fine with my existing dogs. A bit of a picky eater, I've had to dress up his dry kibble with some wet food which he gobbles down. Not interested in squeaky toys.

What Dominic' Rescue Rep Says: Dominic appears to have lived a hard life. Deserving of a nice relaxing new home. Dominic would do fine in a home with other dogs but he may appreciate being an only dog so his people can focus solely on him. Probably not house-broken so that will take some work. Time for this guy to learn what living inside a home with his people is all about. Great dog for older folks that just want a wonderful dog hanging around.

Medical: Dominic is current on Rabies and distemper vaccinations, and heartworm negative. Just got microchipped and neutered. Teeth are quite worn down but we did not see any broken, cracked or rotten teeth. Appears to have some fur loss on his hind quarters and tail -- likely due to fleas. Dominic is 10-15 pounds underweight. Just had a benign mass on his lower abdomen removed.

Located In: Petaluma.

If you are interested in adopting Dominic, contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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