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DUKE – 1 1/2 Year Old Yellow Lab Not-Neutered (Lab Rescue will work with the adopter to get him neutered.)

Background: The current owner of Duke had a litter of puppies and gave one of the puppies to a relative that has an autistic child. Duke did ok with them but they soon realized they did not have the time for a young energetic Lab. She took back Duke into her home as she wants to find a Great home for Duke as he is a Very nice boy. They would keep Duke but they have three dogs of their own and feel it would not be fair to him; as they do not have the time for a 4th dog.

What Duke's Current Owner Says: Duke is a yellow American Labrador Retriever. He was born 10/26/2022. His mom is a yellow American Labrador and his dad is a fox red American Labrador. Duke is a very friendly and playful dog. He knows to be a little gentler around little kids but he still has a lot of energy. Duke has been around other dogs, children as young as 3 and senior dogs and has never shown any aggression. He likes to run and play fetch with other dogs and race them to the ball. He eats next to another male Labrador twice a day. Duke has never shown any aggression while eating to the other dog or people. He is leash and crate trained. Duke understands some basic commands such as sit and heel.

What Duke's Rescue Rep Says: Duke is the definition of one happy Active Lab. He was bred for hunting but has never been hunting. He will sit well; especially when food is involved. Duke knows Leave it; come; heel; sit and off. (He loves attention and wants to please!) He likes to play fetch and will bring the ball back for more. We are not sure if he likes to swim and he has been in a car in a pickup. He will try to jump up but he does not jump on you; he seems to be gentle in this regard. He has a soft mouth when taking treats and has no issues if you take his food bowl away from him. Duke and his friend played fetch with the same tennis ball and there were no issues between them over the ball. He is currently crated on the back patio and is outside with the other dogs during the day. Duke has decent leash skills and does listen to the owner and will walk in a heel position. He can get excited when he sees another dog on leash but all wants is to play. (GGLRR would recommend using a K9 Sidekick leash to help walk Duke.) Duke should not be in a home with small dogs or cats. Duke can be in a home with another dog; as long as the other dog is up for an active dog. He can be in a home with older kids. Duke would be Great for an active owner; maybe a hiker or a runner. We do not think Duke would be good for a busy city environment. We would love to find a home for Duke that has the time for a young Lab; a tired dog is a Good Dog.

Medical: Duke has no health issues. He is up to date on his shots. Lab Rescue will work with the adopter to get him neutered and microchipped.

Located In: Dixon.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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