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Video: Einstein booping around the shelter play yard.

Video: Einstein loves to get those treats.

Video: Hanging out with Einstein.

Foster needed for ~10-year-old intact male black Lab "Einstein"

Background: Who knows how long he had been walking the streets of Oakland, but this guy was snagged and brought to Oakland Animal Services where his owner did not come to claim him. I guess some people would rather dump their older dog instead of providing care for it during its golden years. I have named him "Einstein".

What Einstein's Rescue Rep Says: A fine gentleman, here... er, gentledog. He is superchill... really happy in the shelter playgroup with other dogs; very polite. Would be fine in a home with an existing dog that did not annoy Einstein too much. He was very friendly during our evaluation at the shelter. Loves treats; soft mouth. Pulls a little on the leash but not too bad. Let us touch him all over. Not so interested in toys or balls; more interested in people. No food guarding. No idea how he is with cats. Einstein is a sweet, gentle older dog that deserves a wonderful comfortable home where he can relax, go on some nice easy walks, and lap up as much attention and affection that can be provided.

Medical: Einstein is a bit underweight and a little weak/wobbly in his back legs. Microchipped and current on vax. Not yet neutered. Teeth may need some work. His eyes are a bit cloudy. He will head to our vet soonest for a full exam.

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