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Video: Morning feeding with Ellie and her pups on Feb 9.

Video: Ellie and her nine 18-day old puppies on Feb 23.

Video: Ellie ouside roaming and sniffing.

Ellie: 1-2 year old female Black Lab Mix 62 pounds Not Spayed

Background: Found as a stray in Kern County, Ellie was very pregnant and almost ready to deliver her puppies. [Who the heck dumps a very-pregnant dog? Geesh!!!] Working with some great animal rescue folks in the central valley, we had Ellie transported up to a foster in Grass Valley, where she recently successfully delivered nine puppies. .

What Ellie's Foster Says: Ellie is a Lab mix estimated to be between one and two years old. She had a litter of nine puppies on Feb 5th. She is a sweet, sweet dog, who craves love and attention. She needs work on basic manners as she has little “jump ups” and needs to learn basic commands like “sit” “stay”, etc. So far, her recall has been very good as we walk around my rural property off leash. Ellie responds to “no” and “come” and has learned her name. It’s important to understand that much will change once she is free of the puppies. She will definitely need to work on leash walking. Ellie really just wants to please. She gets along well with my 18-month-old male lab, so another dog should be fine. No idea about cats. Oh, she just discovered the stream that runs through my property... and plunged right in -- so I think we have a water dog here,

What Ellie's Rescue Rep Says: What a sweetie! We want her to go to a home where she will be in the center of the action.... and not left alone for long periods of time. Need an active adopter who is prepared to provide or obtain proper training for Ellie. Presence of another dog would be great. Given her gentleness, Ellie could be a fine dog for a family with children. "Stream running through property" would be nice but not required.

Note: Ellie's puppies will be placed up for adoption in early March.

Medical: Ellie is providing fabulous care to her puppies, including frequent nursing. She is regaining weight following birth of the puppies. Ellie still needs to be vaccinated and microchipped. She will eventually be spayed.

Located In: Grass Valley

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