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Haydes -- 3-yaer-old male black Lab Mix 82 pounds Not Neutered

Background: Haydes is currently in the Sacramento County "Bradshaw" shelter. He was reportedly hit by a car on 07 Feb. His owners came and claimed him that day... but then returned and surrendered him to the shelter (two weeks later on 21 Feb) once they learned what the cost of his treatment for his injuries would be.

What Haydes' Rescue Rep Says: When I met him in his kennel today (28 Feb), he just wanted to sit next to me and receive pets and attention. He is clearly uncomfortable with his pelvic injury. Haydes needs a foster that can provide a quiet, calm recuperative environment for him. Ideally no young, rambunctious dogs for roomies. Want minimal steps from the home to the backyard. Haydes will be on restricted activity (no playing, no jumping, no leash walks, etc.) until our vets give him the "all healed" signal. He doesn't need to be supervised or monitored all the time, but he will need to be kept in an x-pen like area to restrict his movements. Let's get him out of the shelter and into a fabulous foster home where he can get some deserved TLC.

Medical: Shelter x-rays revealed: "Multiple pelvic fractures - right and left ilium, pubis; iliac fractures appear to involve or are adjacent to acetabulum on both sides." He is ambulatory but with a substantial limp/hitch in his step. Shelter vets recommended cage rest alongside pain management meds. We will get him to our vet for a full exam to determine how to resolve his pelvic fractures. Do not know if surgery will be necessary/appropriate or if just convalescent rest will suffice. He is current on vaccinations and microchipped. Needs to be neutered.

Located In: Corte Madera.

If you are willing to foster (or adopt) Haydes, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net

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