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Video: Hazel having fun with her "flappy fish"..

Video: Hazel and her former roomies romping around.

Video: Hazel at her foster home.

Hazel 3-year-old female chocolate Lab 60-lbs Spayed

Background: Hazel and her pals (Jemma, Honey, and Callie) joined the Lab Rescue program from the Chico shelter where they'd spent the last nine months. They were "on hold" as issues with their prior owners worked its way thru the judicial system. Now that the legal beagles have finished their work, Hazel and the others are free to find their new forever home.

What The Shelter Says: High energy but settles once out of her kennel. Hazel does get stressed in her kennel, a lot of high pitch barking when she sees us but settles back down once we are out of sight. When she first came to the shelter, she would bark at strangers out on walks. So we started to move away and treating along with rewarding each time she noticed a person and that behavior has drastically improved. She has done well once they were close, it was more of the distance and surprise of someone being there. Hazel will go up and engage with new people, sniff and take treats and will engage for petting. She is able to climb over our 6-foot-high chain-link fences. Hazel loves fetch and running.

What Hazel Says From Her Foster Home: "Hi, my name is Hazel. I love to play ball with my foster family. I am very athletic if I say so myself. I know I will be a good swimmer. I am very smart and learn things quickly. Initially, I was a bit fearful when first meeting new people and barked. I am almost over this. I love people and other dogs. (I have not been around cats yet). I love walks both long and short ones. I am working on heeling and not pulling on my leash. When asked I will stop, sit, walk in a circle, etc. I will sleep in my crate but prefer to sleep with a person. I am happy eating my kibble and wet dog food but will not turn down an occasional piece of meat. I look forward to going to a permanent home and being part of a family. Sincerely, Hazel."

What Hazel's Rescue Rep Says: What a firecracker of a dog. Hazel needs room to romp... and deserves adopters that will give her every opportunity to thrive. Needs an active family where Hazel will be at the center of the fun. Older kids would be fine. An existing dog better be ready to play. Unknown how she is with cats. Will need continued work on meeting new people... and walking calmly on leash.

Medical: Hazel is healthy. Spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative, and current on vaccinations.

Located In: Menlo Park.

If you are interested in adopting Hazel, contact Rescue Rep at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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