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Video: Marlee hanging out with his current roomie.

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Marlee 8-month-old male yellow Lab 60 pounds Not yet neutered

Background: Marlee's loving family realized they just did not have the time to give Marlee what he needed so they sadly made the decision to find him a new forever home.

What Marlee's Owner Says: We got Marlee from a friend when he was just eight weeks old. Marlee is sweet, smart, playful and eager to please. He is house-broken and crate-trained. He sleeps in his crate at night (or on our bed). We don't leave him alone in the home if we are not there as he tends to find things to chew on. Marlee knows "sit". "stay", "shake", "leave it", "down", and "kisses". He plays with our older terrier -- kind of annoys him at times. Does not like being left alone. Will counter-surf on occasion. He loves playing with our kids (ages 10 and 13). Playful with other dogs. Interested in cats; loves to watch them. We want Marlee to go to a home where he will get lots of exercise and romp time with other dogs and people.

What Marlee's Rescue Rep Says: Our evaluation of Marlee found him to be a major goober youngster pup full of energy. Will happily jump up on people when he first meets them. Needs lots of exercise. Pulls a bit on leash -- he is a strong dog. Not ideal for a family with young children or someone unsteady on their feet. Would do great in a home with an older dog that can show him the ropes. Would like for Marlee to go to a home where his people are around a lot or they are able to take Marlee with them when they go out... given his anxieties when left alone. Given Marlee's youthful energy and strength, he is not ideal for first-time dog-owners.

Medical: Appears to be in great health. Headed to our vet soon for a full check-up and neutering.

Located In: Petaluma.

If you are interested in adopting Marlee, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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