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Video: Leash walk with Max (on the right).

Video: Max loves wrassling with his roomie.

Max: 9-month old male Yellow Lab 85 pounds Neutered

Background: Max's owner in Martinez just did not have enough time to provide Max what he needed. They had him since he was a puppy.

What Max's Formwe Owner Says: Max is a puppy with lots of energy. Likes to cuddle on the couch and sleep with me at night. He loves to play with our other dog. House-broken and crate-trained. Max uses the dog door to go in and out whenever he wants. He loves to play fetch and tug-of-war. Loves to play with our older kids. Max likes to play with our cats but the cats don't like him. Loves to cuddle if you are on the couch.

What Our Evaluator Says: Owner says he is Lab and Golden Retriever mix; he looks quite Labby. He is a typical nine-month-old dog that has had very little training but wants to be good. He has lived with teenagers but not little kids; he would probably knock them down. Good with other dogs. He let me pull a chewy stick out of his mouth. He's living with two cats and teases them but does not try to hurt them in any way. He's a bit mouthy when he first meets you but then just wants to play. Very happy to see new people; may jump up on you in friendly excitement. Big-time wiggly body. Loves to be touched all over. Pulls a little on leash, but stops when you stop; responsive to direction when being walked on leash. Soft mouth.

What Max's Foster Says: This is one big guy... but not overweight. Max has been with me for a few days and is getting along great with my own dog. He is a bit mouthy and will playfully bite the towel that you are drying him off with or the sleeve of the jacket you are trying to put on. Very much a puppy in a huge body. We are working on his crate-training -- not as crate-trained as we were told.

What Max's Rescue Rep Says: What a wonderful, enthusiastic young pup. Needs exercise and human guidance. Would be great in a home with older kids, another dog, and/or cats. Probably a bit too active for someone unsteady on their feet. Will need lots of exercise. Perfect candidate to attend training/obedience school. We want an adopter that won't leave Max alone for long hours each day.

Medical: Up to date on vaccinations and recently neutered.

Located In: Belmont

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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