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MERLE: 6 Year-Old (will be 7 in July) Chocolate Male Lab, Neutered, 79 Pounds

Background: Merle was part of a large-scale animal cruelty investigation, and the shelter received several animals as a result of this case. One of them was “Merle”. From the shelter: He is as sweet as can be and is the definition of a happy boy, despite his previous environment. He gets along great with other dogs, both large and small, and has a wonderful personality. We noticed that he does have a few hairless spots around his joints and along his tail, however he is doing well in our care.

What Merle's Foster Says: Merle could not get closer to a perfect dog. He would make an amazing family dog. He is great with all dogs he meets - on/off leash. We haven't experienced him with cats, but we understand his previous home was loaded with cats, so I'm guessing he's ok with them. He's very gentle with small children. He does have a powerful tail, so with very small kids would need supervision. He loves everyone he meets. He does not jump up on people.

He walks well on a leash, especially considering he probably hasn't walked on a leash before. He pulls gently, but has already improved in a week's time. He walks VERY well off leash. He will not get further than 20ft in front of you; he's always looking back to check, and if called back, he will come. His recall generally is excellent. He can sit, lay down, and we're working on shaking. When fed, he is very happy, and he will sit/stay until released to his bowl. He is interested in what we're eating, but does not beg.

He loves to hike, retrieve balls/sticks, and swim. He is great company while dining outside. He'll lay on his mat and chew a bone or sleep. He has great energy while playing, but is very happy to nap when at home. He's awesome riding in the car - lays right down in the back seat.

He is quite happy to hang around the house and learned quickly to rest on his mat. We typically crate our foster dogs at night, but we didn't with him and he is a champion sleeper. He lays on his mat next to the bed and doesn't move until morning. We've spent most of our short time with Merle together at home

What Merle's Rescue Rep Says: I met Merle at the shelter, and what a great dog! He is a friendly, easy going adult dog that does great with people and does fine with other dogs. We would like Merle to be with a family where he won't be left alone for long stretches of the day. He loves to hike, and his fosters have been doing that with him every day. He will thrive in a home where he will be loved, spoiled with attention, exercise, and proper nutrition. Merle should be included in almost everything his family does. Merle is housetrained, loves to play fetch, likes to hike, swim, and enjoys car rides. Merle knows his basic commands - sit, lay down, stay. If you ask him to sit and stay then throw a ball, he will stay until you say "go get it" or "retrieve"

Medical: Merle is neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date on vaccinations. He does have some missing patches of fur, especially along his tail; the vet suspects it's from lying on concrete and the fact that it is very bony, it should mostly resolve with some weight gain and softer surfaces to lie on. He has a lick granuloma on his left front dorsal paw, some hind end weakness, and itchiness all over his body which the vet suspects could be related to a prior flea problem. If his itching doesn't get better with flea control, Apoquel was given as a suggestion.

Located In: Larkspur

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