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Video: Mikey Meeting Another Dog.

Video: Mikey taking a walk.

Video: Mikey meeting another pup.

Video: Mikey hanging out with another pup

MIKEY 2-Year-Old Black Lab Mix 67 Pounds, Neutered

Background: Mikey is a remarkable boy who defies all odds with his boundless enthusiasm and infectious zest for life. He does have malformed forelimbs, but don't let that fool you – his mobility remains untouched. Mikey found himself searching for a forever home due to circumstances beyond his control. His previous owners, regretfully, had to part ways with him because their apartment complex didn’t allow large dogs.

What Mikey's Foster Says: Mikey is a super sweet energetic pup with a loving and goofy personality and easy-going manners. He's an incredibly cuddly dog and loves belly rubs.

He will pull for the first few minutes of every walk or whenever he sees a dog but otherwise settles down and walks well. Mikey loves attention and is great with passersby out on walks or when sitting at an outdoor restaurant. He loves meeting dogs, but won't "play" with them until he's met them a few times and then he'll chase them or play tug. He doesn't love super aggressive or energetic play and will walk away if a dog is too high-octane for him.

When he's off-leash, he can be shy at first when meeting new people and he sometimes barks, especially if he's approached by men or if they try to pet him before he's ready. However, we've had him for two months and have seen a ton of improvement. He goes to an off-leash dog play area twice a day and we've been having most new people feed him treats before he can bark. He's become much better with strangers to where he'll approach them to see if he can sniff out treats or get pets. His leg deformities (overgrown ulnas in each leg according to the vet) barely slow him down, with his only limitations being longer walks. Otherwise, he has all the energy that one expects of a two-year-old and wants to play.

He's well-behaved at home. With the exception of one flip-flop, he only plays with his toys and will stay off furniture he's not allowed on. He's crate-trained and sleeps through the night in his crate with no issues. However, we are working on not jumping on people (especially people with food in their hands!) or checking out the countertops. He has been quick to pick up commands (it seems like he knew some basic ones) and very eager to please, but will shy away from harsh words or discipline.

Overall he has a middling-to-good recall. He needs some additional work with separation anxiety — he will yelp/whimper/bark a little when left in his crate alone. He would be ok in a home with another dog or dogs — he's lived in his previous foster home with two additional black lab rescues aged 5 and 6 — but feel he would really flourish in his own home. Ok with cats — is curious and will follow them around but doesn’t appear to have any aggression towards them.

What Mikey's Rescue Rep Says: Upon meeting Mikey, I met a very friendly and sweet dog that jumped up for attention. He let me touch him all over and welcomed pets. He lived with two small dogs, one that was a little bully and was biting at Mikey's legs, to which Mikey could care less and was more interested in saying hello. We walked around the apartment complex; Mikey did pull but the harness he was wearing was pretty loose. He appeared happy to be out, eagerly pulled towards another dog to say hello, and was fine encountering different people out on the walk.

Mikey is the epitome of loyalty and affection. Once he knows you, he becomes a steadfast friend, always by your side, ready to offer cuddles and companionship. He appreciates slow introductions and gentle approaches, which will allow him to blossom into the trusting and affectionate dog he truly is. Mikey harbors a deep aversion to visits to the vet, likely stemming from past experiences. While his fear may make these trips a challenge, it also presents an opportunity for his future family to nurture a sense of trust and security within him. With patience, gentle reassurance, and understanding, Mikey has the potential to overcome his fear and establish a trusting relationship with a caring and patient veterinarian. In the right hands, he can blossom into a confident and happy pup, ready to embark on countless adventures with his new family.

Mikey will require a home where he won't be left alone for long stretches of the day and one where he will be a welcomed part of the family. Mikey is searching for a patient and understanding family who can provide him with a loving, forever home. An existing furry companion could be a bonus, as Mikey truly enjoys the company of other dogs. Because he tends to jump on people, a home with small children is not recommended.

Medical: Mikey is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and up-to-date with Rabies, DHPP, and Lepto. Mikey's forelimbs were x-rayed and two vets didn't believe anything practical could be done but as he gets older, could likely develop arthritis. He has shortened ulnas which has led to bowing in his radius. The recommendation was to start him on Dasuquin, which we have, to slow down any arthritis.

In consultation with a specialist: surgery was recommended if there was any significant discomfort or impairment to the quality of life which is not the case with Mikey. Should Mikey begin to experience any mobility issues in the future, the specialist suggested exploring surgery at that time.

Located In: San Francisco.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy please contact Rescue Rep Kris @ krisellen.nm@gmail.com

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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