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Video: Mikey Meeting Another Dog.

MIKEY 2-Year-Old Black Lab Mix 70 Pounds, Neutered

Background: Mikey was surrendered to Lab Rescue as the apartment he was in had size restrictions. He's resided with one family since he was adopted as a puppy. Mikey's two front legs are malformed. His owner reports that a vet told her it was genetic. She said the condition doesn't seem to bother him.

What Mikey's Foster Says: Mikey is a super-sweet energetic pup with a loving personality and (mostly) easy-going manners. A sucker for attention with a goofy smile, he has the energy one expects of a two-year-old, but does well with two 20-30 minute walks a day to keep him tuckered out.

He has been quick to pick up commands (it seems like he knew some basic ones) and very eager to please, but will shy away from harsh words or discipline. We are also working on no jumping on people (especially people with food in their hands!), jumping on furniture, or checking out the counter tops - although he hasn’t actually counter-surfed, yet. He will bolt out the door if you aren’t paying attention but doesn’t go far and responds quickly to being called. Overall he has a middling-to-good recall.

He needs some additional work with separation anxiety (he will whelp/whimper/bark when left in his crate alone - although his previous owners say this is short-lived and he stops after a little bit). He whimpers a bit when put in his crate at night, but after a couple of “nos” or a quick squirt of water he quiets down and sleeps through the night.

Would be ok in a home with another patient dog or dogs - he hasn’t quite grasped that a low growl means “I don’t want to play”. Not sure how he is with cats, but has so far been non-reactive to them in neighbors' doorways when on walks.

What Mikey's Rescue Rep Says: Upon meeting Mikey, I met a very friendly and sweet dog that jumped up for attention. He let me touch him all over and welcomed pets. He lived with two small dogs, one that was a little bully and was biting at Mikey's legs, to which Mikey could care less and was more interested in saying hello. We walked around the apartment complex; Mikey did pull but the harness he was wearing was pretty loose. He appeared happy to be out, eagerly pulled towards another dog to say hello, and was fine encountering different people out on the walk.

Medical: Mikey will be seeing one of our vets in May. He needs to have his vaccines updated, a heartworm test and will have his forelimbs x-rayed to help determine the best care for Mikey. Mikey is microchipped and neutered.

Located In: Napa.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy please contact Rescue Rep Kris @ krisellen.nm@gmail.com

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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