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SWEET MILO – 5-Year Old Black Male Lab / Shepherd Mix 50 lbs Neutered

Background: GGLRR Adopted Milo out 2 years ago to his current family and we want to find Milo a new home that has adult children only. The current owners now have a toddler in their home and Milo is nervous around the toddler. The current owner loves Milo but knows it is best.

When Milo first came to GGLRR: Milo was rescued off Craigslist from the previous owner. The previous owner decided they should not have adopted a puppy. The current owner loves Milo but they work too much and want a better home for Milo. A home where he will get more exercise, which he needs. The current owners have done a lot with Milo. He has gone to training and knows: Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Leave It, Wait, Off and Place. The owners describe him as a very sweet, friendly, and loving dog. Of course Milo is not perfect and is still a bit of a puppy and he will: jump up at times when greeting people, will dig in the ground – part of that is lack of exercise and will chew on non-dog items; again more exercise! Milo loves a good game of fetch and gets along with other dogs. The owner actually state he adores other dogs. He gets socialized on a regular basis with other dogs at the dog park and goes to doggie day care. He rides well in the car and will run along when the owner is riding his bike. Milo is an inside dog and is housetrained.

What Milo’s Current Owners have to say: Milo is a five year old, fifty pound, Border collie, Lab mix. He is an incredibly loyal, well trained, loving dog. He is off leash, e-collar, crate, and potty trained. (A tap on the vibrate setting of his e-collar is all Milo needs and he responds immediately.)

Milo either wants to be curled up at your feet, snuggled up with his person, or outside running free. Milo is a sensitive little guy, he loves to play fetch, visit off leash trails (the bulb, point Isabel, and the Oakland Redwoods) he is a strong swimmer, (he loves the water), and he enjoys working on his agility training. He is extremely eager to please. As you could guess by his breed he is a high energy working dog that will take you some place beautiful outside every day. He gets along great with other dogs, and is extremely friendly.

Milo would thrive in a household with active adults who have dog experience and older children (late teens and beyond… he is extremely gentle with little kids but their erratic movements make him a little nervous.) He needs people that can dedicate at least an hour a day to giving him the exercise that he needs. Cats and chickens make him a little nervous but he has co-existed with them, horses terrify him.

Milo is a big part of our family and a wonderful dog, the only reason we are looking for Milo’s forever home is because we had a baby who is now a toddler who wants to hug and kiss Milo all the time and that makes him nervous, so we have to keep him separated from her and it feels unfair to Milo. He has a history of resource guarding but only when his fear response has been triggered, he is an extremely gentle, kind dog that deserves to be in an environment where he can thrive.

What Milo's Rescue Rep Says: We are looking for a home where Milo will get the attention and exercise, he needs.. He needs to continue his training and socialization with other dogs and be in a home that will make him part of the pack. Milo is a wonderful dog and can be in a home with adult children and other dogs; he would love another dog to play with. If you have another dog at home, it should be a younger dog that would want to play with Milo. When Milo met my two big crazy Labs he just wanted to play but respected my dogs and their energy. Milo has had some resource guarding in his current home and GGLRR ran it by a behaviorist and felt Milo can be rehome into a home with adults only or adult kids. (GGLRR will review with the possible adopters what Milo has been resource guarding and the feedback from the behaviorist.) Milo is a wonderful boy and would make a Great companion in the right home.

Medical: Milo has no health issues. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, heartworm negative and is microchipped.

Currently located in: East Bay Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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